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Still staying slightly relevant with the series here, as this SOTW is for an anime from last year.

The manga ended in ’95 though…

But hey, Parasyte is kind of a horror/sci-fi classic of a manga, so an anime theme was bound to come along eventually. And the theme’s even by my favourite electronicore band: Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas.

…Not much more to really say here. I still haven’t seen or read Parasyte even though I keep telling myself to, and I love the band who wrote the theme. That’s about it.


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Well, since I’ve just finished a seven-day work week of all evening shifts, this won’t be a long post. It’s already 2 days late, to be fair.

Anyway, since BLEACH ended recently, and I did a whole SOTW about that, Nisekoi also ended recently too. I really liked Nisekoi, and was happy with the ending, as the girl Raku ended up with was my favourite of the main love interests (look how non-spoilery that was!).

However, if you want my favourite character in the entire series, that would be Ruri Miyamoto. What’s more, Nisekoi: (the second anime series) gives her seiyuu an ending theme to sing, which just so happens to be this. And it’s cute.


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This week my song of the week is a theme to a recent anime!

Thank the planets that aligned to allow a manga I was reading to have an opening theme by a band I like when it got an anime.

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Hey, look, I did one on time.

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Here I am, 3 days late, because Sky decided that I don’t need my internet and landline after 12am, despite the fact that’s when I get home from work. So today’s my day off, and now I can finally do this.

Do not be surprised if there’s not much discussion here. I want to get this uploaded before Sky decide to cut me off again.

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