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Whilst I’m not blogging anything this season I am still attempting to keep up with a number of anime, one of those is Hataraku Saibou. A very educational and fun anime, I highly recommend it especially if you have any interest in biology or more specifically the immune system. I found the ending song so cute that I had to have it as a SOTW and here it is! A very cutesy, bouncy, energetic tune, enjoy CheerS by ClariS.

Our Future
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In my recent anime catch up, one of the things I needed to watch was the Detective Conan movie 21. After hearing the Conan main theme numerous times I remembered how really catchy it was. Now whilst the majority of the time it is just BGM, I do remember there was a song version and that’s the one I’m blogging today. Here is Kimi Ga ireba by Iori.

As a follow up to my last update, I did manage to catch up about 2 thirds of the anime I wanted to catch up on. But I’m still quite far behind and so didn’t get the chance to do any of the blogs I wanted to either, namely the Digimon 6th Movie blog. But still, I want to do it in the weekend coming up. Hopefully I will be able to.

So this is actually a pretty old song, but I didn’t discover it until about 2 weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I mentioned it before, but I like imitating anime and other anime related song dances a lot, like Romeo and Cinderella and Bad Apple etc. I just about memorised the last dance I was learning so was looking for a short dance to learn as a ‘break’ rather than a lot of effort into a long dance. The short dance of this song came up as a recommended video so I gave it a shot and actually really enjoy the dance and song. Not the usual way you discover an anime song, but can’t deny it’s a nice catchy song. Here is Ikenai Borderline by WALKÜRE.

Update: So you may have noticed a lack of blogs recently, I don’t think I can stress anymore, but I am still ridiculously busy at work and it’s not allowing me time to do any blogs. Small stuff like a SOTW I can handle but nothing bigger. I am however taking a week break during the bank holiday weekend and hope to firstly, catch up on anime as I’m over 50 episodes behind in the current season, and secondly finish up my final Digimon Tri blog.

I have mentioned before that I will also blog the story arcs of the Layton anime and I noted that part 2 of that story was episode 20 so I will also blog that. Although it does seem like they’re doing 1 story episode per 10 episodes which would mean a total of 5 and that’s kinda disappointing. Regardless I don’t think I’ll blog all the episodes of Layton as I’m so far behind.

Speaking of being behind, I’ve made the decision that attempting to catch up on any blogs would be futile, so I will take a rest this season as I sort out my work and start again in the Autumn season. So please bear with me, I will get back to the blogging soon, I refuse to quit just yet in any case.

I feel like this has been my busiest summer to date, I can’t really remember my other years, but I don’t believe I’ve been quite as hard pressed to get this done before the season started. I mean sure I’m normally late these days but I don’t think I’ve come across a time where it’s been difficult for me to find the time to do this blog. In either case, busy or not, anime is still most of my life so I was going to get to this at some point.
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