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East, west, home’s best.
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Happy new year all! And if you’re already back at school, university or work then my condolences, I go back to work next week but sadly as with how things are the next few days will undoubtedly pass by in the blink of an eye. But whatever, I’ve almost accomplished everything I said I would during this two week break which is to finish up some games so I can finally start Pokemon Ultra Sun, finish up my anime blogging and watching so I can start the new season fresh, also catch up on some films and by myself a new computer. This blog is one of the final things I need to do so here we go! And the most exciting part of my list was of course my computer which I need to go pick up next week!
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Better to ask the way than go astray
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Lovers ever run before the clock
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Happy new year all! This is not late, this is delayed one day so that I can bring the first blog of the year on the first day of the year. I was thinking of looking for a new year anime song, but I really can’t think of one, so I’ve gone back to my original plan of looking at the past season. Apart from Rapture there are a few OPs I really liked, weather I’ll blog the others is a different question, however the next one on my list is Mahotsukai no Yome’s OP, Here by JUNNA which is probably one of my favourite anime this year, you’ll find out the rest of my top of the year list in the upcoming new season preview blog. Enjoy the music and the festivities as well!


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