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Right, there’s a short story for my SOTW this week. I was fairly ill last week and so decided to take the bus to work on several occasions, usually I walk. And I was actually so tired from my illness to a point that I fell asleep on the bus. Although I wouldn’t say that’s unusual as I can fall asleep anywhere and I don’t need alcoholic assistance either. Anyway, as I was nodding off, Tabibito no Uta was playing into my ears and for some odd reason I was just imagining myself doing a bit of a dance to it and as I fell asleep I dreamt that I danced to it. The dream was very strange as I was dancing with several people but we were dancing on water and I just remember admiring the rippling effect of the water whenever anyone’s feet would touch it.

Though unfortunately Tabibito no Uta by Penguin Research wasn’t even well known enough to be posted onto youtube or any other video sharing website so I’ve gone for the next best thing which is the song of the single it came out of being the opening of ReLife. So sadly here is Button by Penguin research standing in for Tabibito no Uta. Give it a listen if you get the single!

Mid Summer Fanfare
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Note: Because this was actually so long and took a while to write, I’m going to split this into two blogs, this one being the synopsis and the second being my thoughts, so you can skip this if you just want my thoughts.

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With the new season kicking in I’ve still not had much breathing room at work especially with getting an illness over the last week and also various other personal things keeping me down. But you know what, that’s life and as I’m full of quotes on twitter I’ll stick one here as well, ‘when life gets you down, do you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming’ so I’m gonna keep swimming. Speaking of which I still need to watch finding dory at some point.

So yes, apologies that this is late, but due to personal problems it was unavoidable. Tri and Hibike Euphonium are in the works and will be out soon too. But for now, I’ve caught up more with Detective Conan and are on current episodes where they’re using cover versions of older opening themes. If you know what I’m talking about then you may have guessed that this week’s song will be Unmei no Roulette o Mawashite by La PomPon. This was originally the 4th opening theme sang by Zard, but this cover is actually quite nice and brings back some memories for me. So here is the 50th Conan ED theme.


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