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Rainy Conductor
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As everyone knows, I very rarely listen to ED themes, and that habit hasn’t changed at all when we’re halfway through the season and I’ve realised I have no idea what any of the ED themes sound like. So I did a quick ‘sweep’ listen of what all of the ED themes of the anime I’m watching this season sound like and most of them are fairly ‘predictable’ and typical for their corresponding anime. But this one surprised me and actually I enjoyed it, so here is Stella no Mahou’s ED, Yonaka Jikaru by Maria Naganawa & Ryōko Maekawa.

Miraculous Harmony
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Awakening Oboe
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Right, interesting news, I’ve just learnt that peach-pit will be doing a meet and greet at the next hyperjapan which happens to be in three weeks time. One of my favourite anime and manga is Shugo Chara of which I’ve seen all and own all the manga, and the same with Rozen Maiden too, another one of my all time favourites. So I’d say I’m a fan and very much looking forward to meeting them.

In recognition to that I thought this would be a good time to blog a Shugo Chara OP. Here is the first OP to Shugo Chara, Kokoro no Tamago by Buono. This is definitely another type of nostalgia for me as well, not quite Pokémon but still brings back so many memories.


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