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Justice at Hand Rather than Ideals Beyond One’s Reach
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This week’s SOTW is something recent, of the new anime I’m watching there’re two OP themes that I can’t get out of my head right now. One of them is actually the OP for Youjo Senki of which I didn’t actually expect myself to watch being a sci-fi type WW1 military anime and I don’t like sci-fi or military. However a friend recommended me to give it a look and I have to say it’s actually a well written fun plot that you can enjoy without liking military or sci-fi.

The second is the OP for Ao no Exorcist, which I don’t have much to say for, it’s a fairly typical shounen. But I do enjoy UVERworld and this was a good one just like Ao no Exorcist’s first OP. Here is Itteki no Eikyou by UVERworld.

Each Philosophy
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I’ve been getting into some rap songs recently only because of the musical Hamilton, not sure if anyone will be aware of it. But there are some good songs and raps in that, and so I thought it would be a good idea to find some anime rap songs. This one came to mind instantly, you may know I’m a huge fan of Guilty Crown’s OST, probably my favourite ever. So it only makes sense that I’d blog this one. Here is Ready To Go by David Whitaker.

A rare occasion I’m late, and apologies it’s a short one, work is very busy sadly so I’m losing time to write, but whatever, that’s just life isn’t it, sometimes it sucks. To quote one of my favourite light novels, Ballad of Shinigami: ‘Crap. It’s all crap. Living is crap. Life has no meaning. None. Nowhere to be found. Crap. Why doesn’t anybody realize this?’


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