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So, this SOTW will seem a little out of left field. A lot, actually. But hear me out here.

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Right, exams over and new season’s on! I predict some good times, at least for my anime watching in terms of quantity. Last season I believe I only managed to watch 11 anime due to exam revision taking up the majority of my time. Now that I have free afternoons and weekends I plan to pick up more of the next season to watch. Although that said, it does mean I usually end up watching a lot of anime I don’t actually like. I’m the type of person who don’t like to stop after a few episodes. Last season I was ‘forced’ to cherry pick my selection down to 11, which worked out well as they were the ones I really wanted to watch. In fact even then I still found that one or two bored me a little. So whilst I say I’ll pick up a lot more this season, I may still drop those that really bore me or feel like a chore to watch.

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Kai’s Will
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That Choice…
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My first SOTW without exams to hold me back. It feels great to have free afternoons and weekends again. Though that does mean I was out for the entirety of yesterday and half of today as well. So somehow I’ve actually ended up with less ‘free’ time. But y’know what, that’s perfectly fine as I’m enjoying myself.

Since this season’s coming to a close, I thought this is probably a good time to blog some songs from the season that I really liked. I’ll start with the OP of one of my favourite anime this season, perhaps one of your favourites as well, No Game No Life op, This Game by Konomi Suzuki.

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