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To Each His Own Thoughts
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So you won’t know this, but the results of my final exam was released on Friday and to be relief I passed. I am now a chartered accountant, when all paperwork is done and they accept my registration, but I won’t let formalities stop me from calling myself a chartered accountant when anyone asks what I do for now. Now the song this week is because of that exam pass, and there’s a very short story to that.

The results come out at 12.00 pm on the Friday which meant I was in work. My work place allows me to leave the office to get my results because it’s more nerve-wracking to get my results with others around especially as I wasn’t that confident because I had felt the paper didn’t go as planned.

I went out and to calm myself I started up pokemon go and saw an ekans nearby and went hunting. Long story short, I caught an Ekans right as the clock hit 12 and I got ready to call my family about my result so I plugged my headphones in which for some reason automatically starts my music. As I switched out ‘tabs’ to internet to see my results, this song started as it was recently released and I have it. So I was jumping up and down, in a quiet area I might add, to the lyrics ‘cmon brave freak out’ and I thought this had to be my SOTW.

So that’s my short story, here is Breave Freak Out by LiSA.

Velvet Crowe
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The Dawn of Chaos
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This week my song of the week is a theme to a recent anime!

Thank the planets that aligned to allow a manga I was reading to have an opening theme by a band I like when it got an anime.

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