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Yup, it’s late, but I’ve only had one day off this week. I was going to discuss the new live-action Ghost In The Shell movie, as it’ll be released at the end of March, then relate it to this SOTW, but alas, I have no time.

So I’ll just leave the opening of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG here, Rise by Origa.


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The Ideal World
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I’m sure you’re aware, I was a big fan of ‘Your Name’ as were quite a lot of other people. And I really enjoyed RADWIMPS and blogged Zen Zen Zense a while back. Recently, they released English versions of the songs they sang for the film. This felt like the release of completely new songs for me and I have gone back to listening to them on loop since release. I thought this makes it a great song for SOTW. But I won’t do Zen Zen Zense again, so instead here is Dream Lantern by RADWIMPS.

Well, this is annoyingly extremely late. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of night shifts in a row, and will continue to until at least Tuesday, plus one or two early morning training courses in different towns in the area, so that was exhausting.

I was going to write something more about this, seeing as Ghost In The Shell is being released as a Hollywood live-action movie at the end of March (and looks awesome by the way), but alas, this is all I’ll be able to write.

It’s the 1st ending of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1st GiG, Lithium Flower, sung by Scott Matthew, written by Tim Jensen, composed by Yoko Kanno.


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