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For this week’s (late) SOTW, it’s the new Black Clover ED.

I love this one, to be fair. Great tune, great lyrics and great animation in the ED video too.

Can’t really fault this at all. Man, Black Clover’s had a great run of OP/ED themes, huh?



I wanted something a little mellow this week as I’ve been feeling pretty bad over the weekend. I unfortunately had a minor case of food poisoning after some weird fried oysters at eat Tokyo in London. Probably the first time I’ve ever found an issue with them, but luckily I wasn’t as bad as my friend who threw up. In any case, I wanted some chill out music as I couldn’t sleep well and this came up on a ‘chill anime’ playlist and was reminded of how great of a song this was. So to chill everyone, here is Daisy by Stereo Dive Foundation.

This week’s post is late for two reasons. One: I was working 5 out of the last 6 days, and Two: On the one day I was off, my internet was down for a good 12 or so hours.

So there’re two good reasons why this is late. And because it’s late, I’m just going to use a classic theme that I don’t really have to talk about much, because everyone should already know about it.


Ending Edit:


I’m going to have to start with an apology for not blogging anything last season, I was far too busy and I fell so far behind in anime that I needed a ‘restart’, if you will. Though just to be clear that’s not to say I’ve caught up on all of my anime, I still have 2 series in the Summer season that I have yet to watch but I’ve decided to add them to a ‘watch over Christmas’ list for now. Whether that will happen or not is a completely different story.

Last season wasn’t all that amazing to be honest anyway, perhaps contributing to why I fell behind as I didn’t feel the need to catch up. Overall I didn’t find much that I felt was amazing, that said, I did mention above I haven’t seen 2 of  the series I wanted to see, so maybe they’re both amazing and deserve a shoutout, but as of yet I can’t do that.
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I will be returning to blogging! Just wanted to get that out of the way first, I am currently writing up my season preview and have not yet decided what anime I want to blog yet. However as we’re just about a week into the new season I will decide very shortly and hopefully have a new blog up soon!

Because I’ve been writing the season preview and I’ll be watching a long awaited new season of Index, I have been reminded of how great the original OP for it was and consequently was the time I became a fan of Kawada Mami as well. By now you’ve probably guessed the SOTW, so here is PSI-Missing.

Unfortunately I think the full song has been taken down so I’ve made do with the anime short version.


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