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I’m sure you’re aware, I was a big fan of ‘Your Name’ as were quite a lot of other people. And I really enjoyed RADWIMPS and blogged Zen Zen Zense a while back. Recently, they released English versions of the songs they sang for the film. This felt like the release of completely new songs for me and I have gone back to listening to them on loop since release. I thought this makes it a great song for SOTW. But I won’t do Zen Zen Zense again, so instead here is Dream Lantern by RADWIMPS.

So, this week I wanted an Ajikan song. But, I didn’t want a run-of-the-mill mainstream shounen theme that you’ve come to expect out of me.

So I dug deeper.

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A quick update, you’ll notice that it’s me Lucretia who’s writing SOTW this week, or maybe not actually seeing as it doesn’t say who’s writing it… Well either way, it’s me, right after Raven, odd yes, but unfortunately because Kirayoshi’s relatively new to the anime scene he ran out of songs to blog about a long time ago, hence why there’s been the odd person here and there covering for him. But it’s been too long so I’ve decided to make it a two person job with me and Raven. Hence why I’m bringing you this week’s SOTW and then Raven, and then me etc until further notice.

This week then I’ve been playing some Blazblue, finally gone back to it after a long break because I was playing another game and I haven’t had that much time, otherwise there’d be more blogs. So getting back into it I played a game as Ragna against Jin, and because they’re brothers I thought I’d play a song from my computer that suits them and found the perfect song from the Pokemon first movie soundtrack, Brother my Brother by Blessid Union of Souls. If you know the Blazblue story line and know the song I think you’ll agree it’s perfect.

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“The legendary number 1 headband, it promises power, omnipotence, immortality – but at what cost? One that is greater than any man can imagine and heavier than any man can bear. No soul who has ever worn it’s tattered grace has ever escaped the torment of it’s infinite burden…”

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