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Hello everyone! Firstly apologies this is very very late, I’m aware we’re already halfway through the season, but time hasn’t been kind to me. I can’t remember if I mentioned in any of my last updates, probably not as I was busy with my hearing loss, but I helped set up a company earlier this year and running that alongside a full time job really eats up your free time. Though because of that keeping me busy, I feel like I’m over my hearing loss as I don’t even have time to contemplate the impact it has on my life. Mainly because it’s already been 3 months and it hasn’t affected my daily life too much. Sure it’s a pain and I live in fear that I’ll lose hearing in my other ear too, but I’m not one to let fear or a pain get in the way of a life I still need to live through and what I want to do.
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Note and short update: A very quick note that this was written literally a month ago or so and I only recently had time to post, hence why some of the things I say may seem out of date. You’ll also have noticed a lack of blogging but that’s another reason and I will provide an update very soon on what’s going on, unfortunately it’s not good news and the likelihood is I will be taking a short hiatus/break from blogging. But, more on that another time.

Hi everyone and happy new year! I hope you all had a great time off, if you work and did take holiday that is, as I know some don’t.  I’m certainly not quite ready to go back to work yet, but I’ve still got about a quarter of my holiday time left at the time of writing this. So hopefully in the next few days I will find my ‘work mode’ switch and be able to turn it back on again.

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I’m going to have to start with an apology for not blogging anything last season, I was far too busy and I fell so far behind in anime that I needed a ‘restart’, if you will. Though just to be clear that’s not to say I’ve caught up on all of my anime, I still have 2 series in the Summer season that I have yet to watch but I’ve decided to add them to a ‘watch over Christmas’ list for now. Whether that will happen or not is a completely different story.

Last season wasn’t all that amazing to be honest anyway, perhaps contributing to why I fell behind as I didn’t feel the need to catch up. Overall I didn’t find much that I felt was amazing, that said, I did mention above I haven’t seen 2 of  the series I wanted to see, so maybe they’re both amazing and deserve a shoutout, but as of yet I can’t do that.
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I feel like this has been my busiest summer to date, I can’t really remember my other years, but I don’t believe I’ve been quite as hard pressed to get this done before the season started. I mean sure I’m normally late these days but I don’t think I’ve come across a time where it’s been difficult for me to find the time to do this blog. In either case, busy or not, anime is still most of my life so I was going to get to this at some point.
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After two weeks of holiday, I’m back to work and it was quite a shock to the system. Can’t remember the last time I woke up before 8. But nevermind, that’s just a signal things are back to normal again and so I’m looking at the new anime season. If you’re wondering where I went for the last two weeks, that would be a few days in Scotland and a few days anywhere else I could be bothered to go to. Scotland was nice, and luckily not that cold. I apparently missed an illness wave that was going round my office so I’m happy about that. Otherwise nothing that interesting about my holiday, it was definitely more for me to relax and destressing, though that said, I did climb a big hill, Arthur’s seat if you know it.
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