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After two weeks of holiday, I’m back to work and it was quite a shock to the system. Can’t remember the last time I woke up before 8. But nevermind, that’s just a signal things are back to normal again and so I’m looking at the new anime season. If you’re wondering where I went for the last two weeks, that would be a few days in Scotland and a few days anywhere else I could be bothered to go to. Scotland was nice, and luckily not that cold. I apparently missed an illness wave that was going round my office so I’m happy about that. Otherwise nothing that interesting about my holiday, it was definitely more for me to relax and destressing, though that said, I did climb a big hill, Arthur’s seat if you know it.
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Happy new year all! And if you’re already back at school, university or work then my condolences, I go back to work next week but sadly as with how things are the next few days will undoubtedly pass by in the blink of an eye. But whatever, I’ve almost accomplished everything I said I would during this two week break which is to finish up some games so I can finally start Pokemon Ultra Sun, finish up my anime blogging and watching so I can start the new season fresh, also catch up on some films and by myself a new computer. This blog is one of the final things I need to do so here we go! And the most exciting part of my list was of course my computer which I need to go pick up next week!
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Happy Autumn all! I have just returned from my first long holiday since last Christmas, far too busy lately and glad to finally have a break, although the annoying thing is that I went from very tense to very relaxed and caught a cold. But that would never detract me from blogging! So here I am again with another season preview.
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Summer 2017 anime season preview! I have been under a lot of frustration for the past couple of months with many things going on mainly the fact that I moved house! If you don’t know, I have very recently completed the purchase of my first property and had about 3 weeks of overlap with my previous rented accommodation. Therefore I’ve been very slowly moving everything over to my new place.
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Hello everyone! We are yet again going into beautiful spring and the weather here in the UK is warming up and I’m soaking up my fair share of vitamin D. I’ve returned from holiday as well and rested up a few days so feeling refreshed and ready to go once more and hope that work won’t drain me horribly again. But if I know work, something bad will happen…
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