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Hello everyone! We are yet again going into beautiful spring and the weather here in the UK is warming up and I’m soaking up my fair share of vitamin D. I’ve returned from holiday as well and rested up a few days so feeling refreshed and ready to go once more and hope that work won’t drain me horribly again. But if I know work, something bad will happen…
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Another year ends and the funny thing is that a friend of mine asked me about my highlights for the year, I can only think of one major one, which is finishing my exams for qualifying as a chartered accountant. But that’s a once in a lifetime thing and after I found out my score for the final exam it was only a moment of joy and then a ‘that’s it?’ thought. So I’m kinda in a weird place where I’m not completely sure where I want to head to next career wise. Being an anime critic (at least I think I am one) and otaku, and my main interest apart from anime is gaming, I feel like I should guide my future in those industries. Annoyingly I never make a decision quickly, though this is probably one I shouldn’t make quickly anyway, I’ll do what I think is right when the time is right in any case.
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Hello everyone! The warmth of the sun has ended and everything’s becoming a little chilly again. But if you live in the UK, it’s always chilly. Though I’ll give credit to this summer as we’ve actually had a few hot spells, and even recorded our hottest ever day I believe. So I guess it hasn’t been all bad, the only problem was that one of those really hot days I was sitting in a stuffy hall with no aircon doing a 4 hour exam as you may well remember from an earlier mention. But whatever, I passed, and that’s what’s important.

With my exams over I have previously said that I’d look to blogging more than one anime per season, but actually, seeing how busy I’ve been lately I’m not sure that’s going to go to plan. Also I actually want to use my free time to look into other things, top of my list is starting Go competitively, something I’ve always wanted to do. No, not Pokémon, as much as I want to leave society in my quest to be the very best like no one ever was, I’m sad to say that won’t put food on the table. I am of course talking about the ancient Chinese board game with black and white stones. Have a Google if you’re still unsure what I mean, pretty sure it’s still on the first page of Google near Pokémon.
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Right this is late as I had predicted, though it’s not hard to be correct about being late on something you’re writing. Still, I had wanted to do this earlier but unfortunately work commitments had other ideas. As you may know my final exam comes up on the 20th July hence why my slowness in getting out assclass blogs. But I would like to say that I have now completed the first draft of all outstanding blogs and so they’ll slowly be posted soon.

I’m going to keep this one short because of time constraints, actually took a day off firstly for rest, secondly to revise and thirdly to catch up with my backlog of anime episodes to finish off the season and move into the next one.
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Six years down, and I’m still here, I feel like I should say that every anniversary just to remind myself how long I’ve been doing this. Obviously blogging has integrated into my life seamlessly and it’s become something that I just need to do. Although depending on the episode and the anime, I’ve found that now and then it does become a chore, especially with work piling up high. Still, I would say at the moment only about one or two out of every ten blogs, I find annoying to write either because I didn’t enjoy the episode, I don’t have the time, or some other whimsical reason. I think that if the number ever dropped anywhere near five out of ten, then I should reconsider my blogging future.
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