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This song is probably not as well-known as the first opening theme for the anime, which was also my favourite as well, but still a great song. I wanted a bit of a pickup song as I’ve had a really terrible day, ironic that I went with Shigatsu, but I did remember that the second OP had a really upbeat melody so I decided to listen to this again. Then I nearly ended up ‘cutting onions’, if you know what I mean, but strangely it did make me feel better so who knew. Here is Nanairo Symphony by coalamode.

Quick post this week, as I’m working 42 hours and barely have time to sleep.

This is Black Clover’s 8th ending, and whilst the song has grown on me massively, I feel even the 2nd version of the ending animation is… how should I say it… calm and stationary?

Either way, the song’s stuck in my head, and that’s what this post series is about, so here it is:


Ending Edit (Version 1):


This week’s SOTW is the ending equivalent to my last SOTW’s opening.

I’ve been loving En’en no Shouboutai’s anime. The animation really is top quality, and you can tell they’ve poured a lot into this series. That being said, the OP/ED animations aren’t slouches either, with the prime example being this week’s SOTW.

This ED is amazing, and easily my favourite currently-airing ED theme (although, since the animation upgrade, Black Clover’s ED 8 has grown on me a lot). The animation stars Company 8’s resident sister, Iris, and her backstory, which we’ll get to in the anime pretty soon. The animation starts on a happy note with the upbeat pre-verse melody, but when that bridge comes in – man, when that bridge comes in. That’s an excellent shift in tone, with some great art to match it.

Anyway, I’m now rambling. Here’s the video:


Ending Edit:


After finishing up another series from last season and leaving on the opening and ending themes to play, I’ve finally found a song that I can be fond of in the season as I hadn’t really come across any good songs. But this had a nice beat, a great catchy tune and a lovely snowy theme, here is Fukigen na Mononokean S2 ED theme, 1% by Wolpis Kater.

I’m working a lot this week, and was busy on my only day off yesterday, so this is getting posted just before I go to work today. So this’ll be short.

I love En’en no Shouboutai, and am ecstatic now that the anime is here. The art and animation on show is incredible, and the OP and ED themes match in tone and quality.

This is the OP, enjoy.


Opening Edit:



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