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I will be returning to blogging! Just wanted to get that out of the way first, I am currently writing up my season preview and have not yet decided what anime I want to blog yet. However as we’re just about a week into the new season I will decide very shortly and hopefully have a new blog up soon!

Because I’ve been writing the season preview and I’ll be watching a long awaited new season of Index, I have been reminded of how great the original OP for it was and consequently was the time I became a fan of Kawada Mami as well. By now you’ve probably guessed the SOTW, so here is PSI-Missing.

Unfortunately I think the full song has been taken down so I’ve made do with the anime short version.

Having worked six days straight, this post is obviously late this week.

Anyway, without me working those days in a row and having to hold this back, I wouldn’t have been able to make this post about this song, which popped up this week as Black Clover’s new and 5th Opening. I like it (the bassline gets me intrigued from the off), and I also really like the arc we’re coming too, so all-in-all it seems like a great OP theme.


Opening Edit:


Koi to Uso was a bit of a strange anime as it explored an interesting solution to a depopulating Japan, which is to force people to get married when they hit marriage age. The annoying thing is that it never really followed through on that plot and kinda diverted to a weird love triangle storyline that I actually can’t remember the ending. However, the OP theme was an instant hit for me with its great catchy tune and weirdly memorable music video. I’m not sure I’d recommend the anime, but the OP is definitely one to look at, here is Kanashii Ureshii by Frederic.

Alright, so because I’m restricted for time again, this is going to be another nostalgic Naruto ED theme. Seriously, so many digital radio channels play Naruto music. It’s like people really love Naruto or something…

Anywho, I always liked this ED. The song is great, which helps, but I always loved the completed-as-you-watch style of the animation, which also includes a rare sight of Tenten in a non-background capacity in an OP/ED theme, which was great.


Ending Edit:


Whilst I’m not blogging anything this season I am still attempting to keep up with a number of anime, one of those is Hataraku Saibou. A very educational and fun anime, I highly recommend it especially if you have any interest in biology or more specifically the immune system. I found the ending song so cute that I had to have it as a SOTW and here it is! A very cutesy, bouncy, energetic tune, enjoy CheerS by ClariS.


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