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I mentioned that the only redeeming feature of Handshakers was the OP, so I thought this would make for a good SOTW. And I guess I wanted to also say that it wasn’t horrendously bad. I actually enjoyed some of the battle sequences, when it wasn’t hurting my head and making me dizzy. Sadly though, that’s kind of it. That and I also can’t think of much else for this week’s SOTW. Still though, it’s a good song, so enjoy! Here is One Hand Message by OxT.

This is late again. Not apologising. Just busy.

It’s the opening to Masamune-kun no Revenge. It’s by Ayaka Ōhashi. She’s the seiyuu for the main heroine. That’s Aki Adagaki. I like this song.

I’ll post the opening edit. Listen to it. My job’s done now. Back to work.


Opening Edit


Annoyingly I’ve been getting a bit of earache lately which has resulted in me resting my ears and not listening to any music for the last week. Which is sad as I recently got Fuuka’s sound collection  as I really liked the music in the anime. So even if I can’t listen to it on loop, I still want to use it as this week’s song. It was what initially attracted me to Fuuka as an anime. I heard the OP and thought, wow, this is a good song and decided to carry on watching the anime. So here is Climber’s High by Hedgehogs.

It’s my turn this week, and I’m using a theme to an anime that LITERALLY JUST ENDED. I was even watching this series during this season. YES! I was watching a current anime as it was airing.

This is the ending theme to Masamune-kun no Revenge, a series I’ve been following since the manga started. The anime was alright, can’t really argue, but I did love the ending theme. So why don’t you guys give it a listen?


Full Version


This song is not because I thought it’d make for an easy week, but I genuinely still listen to RADWIMPS English versions on loop most of my days for the past few weeks. So I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as me. Here is Sparkle by RADWIMPS (English).


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