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I went to a talk on virtual reality and its future recently as a member of my work’s technology department. It was very interesting and I liked the topics like gaming, uses for various real life training, sporting events etc. One thing I did have a long chat with one of the presenters about is the gaming aspect and the ‘risk’ of people spending too much time in that world and perhaps not ever coming out.

That was my cue to remember Yuuki from SAO, I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it, but let’s just say SAO and VR was the only way Yuuki could’ve ‘lived’. As much as SAO had narrative issues in the earlier parts, it’s gotten much better and I really enjoyed the movie and am also looking forward to next season.

In any case because of that, I remembered how much I enjoyed the opening that played during that Arc and thought this would be a great SOTW. Here is Courage by Aoi Eir.


It’s been a while since I heard a KIMERU song. Not since Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters’ 6th Opening. This is pretty damn good.

I’m really beginning to love the new arc of VRAINS. It’s starting to get up there with 5D’s and DM as my favourites of the YGO series. I just hope Soulburner doesn’t become a Johan Andersen-like character that throws all other protagonists to the wayside, because I like Onizuka and Blue Angel as main protagonists.

But you came here to listen to a song, so here:


Opening Edit:


This is a very late post, you’re right. Unfortunately, with my current rota at work, this is the earliest I could get this done.

So here’s Black Clover’s 3rd opening, which I really like. Enjoy.


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This is a classic, one that came back to me recently as I was on an Amanda Lee playlist and her acoustic cover of this song came on bringing back quite a bit of nostalgia from when I first saw this probably about 8 or 9 years ago, a couple years after its release, whilst I was in university. Brings back a lot of memories and I still believe it’s an amazing song with more meaning than I remembered from back then. But I guess that’s true with a lot of things where you realise something wasn’t quite what it was the second time. Please enjoy and if you know this song as well as I do chances are you’ll be hit with some nostalgia as well, here is God Knows by ENOZ!

Note: Also apologies for lack of activity, work has heated up and I’ve been having to use some evening times for it. But don’t worry, I will be back with more Layton blogs soon I promise! I’ll say one thing, I’m really looking forward to the bank holiday weekend in the UK.

Amalee Cover

…And this is how late this post gets up when I don’t get any days off during the week.

Anyway, I really love both of the new Black Clover themes, and I really wanted to put more effort into a post for the opening, since I like it much more, so here’s the ending.



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