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Another song from 15 years ago for this week’s SOTW, because that’s just how I roll.

This one’s the ED to Witch Hunter Robin. If you look waaaaay back, like in the 100s of SOTWs, you’ll find I blogged the OP, and this is by the same singer (real name Chino Takayanagi). I always loved the themes to Witch Hunter Robin – the OP was always a cool song, but its Bana’s voice which makes both songs, and it’s on full display in this ED theme.

The light piano accompaniment until the crescendo in the chorus and the real emotion in her voice sells the song, which is why I still have this on my playlist to this day. So anyway, since I’m rambling, here’s the song:


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So I recently saw the second trailer for Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card arc and I’m getting more hyped for it as it’s only a month away. Whilst I watched the dub series I still listened to the Japanese OP after realising the dub OP was not the same. Sadly it isn’t as nostalgic as the dub OP, but this still brings back memories and is still well timed for the next arc coming soon. Here is Catch Me Catch You by Gumi and for those who did watch the original Japanese to begin with, then I hope you find more nostalgia in this and are looking forward to the new arc too.

This week I’m going all the way back to the original D.Gray-man anime. It’s 2nd OP was a badass theme, wasn’t it? Yeah… let’s blog that.


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I was feeling a little melancholic recently and decided to find some tragic anime openings to listen to, y’know the whole ‘sing a sad song just to turn it around’ situation. So obviously Shigatsu would pop up during this tragic anime OP run down and this was the last song as actually it picked me back up and cleared my head a little. I suppose as much as it was a tragic situation, the outcome was more inspirational than anything else, and remembering back to that made me feel better. I won’t delve into my personal life too much here, but it’s all fine and if you have any worries, I hope this song will help too, here is Hikaru Nara by Goose House.

This week’s SOTW is yet another Yu-Gi-Oh! theme (because hey, I like Yu-Gi-Oh!), and it is the new ending theme to VRAINS.

I’m in two minds about this one. On the one hand, it’s a good song. On the other hand, Believe In Magic (the 1st ending) is better, in my opinion. But, again, on the other hand, I had 24 episodes of Believe In Magic and I got tired of it, so I welcome the change.

To summarise: it’s a decent theme. Not the best YGO! theme but certainly not the worst.


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