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Back to me again, and this week I want to continue my recognition of May’n so I’ve decided to go for an upbeat song I remember from a fun romcom that I’ve blogged before here called Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi. Here is Ready Go! by May’n.

This week’s SOTW will be from a currently-airing series – Aho Girl. I started reading Aho Girl, and started liking it, because of its quick-delivery comedic nature. It’s a nice read for when you don’t have much time on your hands but still want to read something. So then the anime was announced, and I was all in for it. And it hasn’t disappointed so far.

Anyway, onto the song. It’s a fun and energetic theme that introduces the series pretty well, in my opinion, and gets a different animation each episode that sort of relates to the overarching events in said episode (for example, the most recent episode was a “summer trip”, and there was no animation to speak of, just a sign stating they were away at the beach).


1st Episode OP Animation


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…This’ll be quick. I’ve had one day off in the middle of what is essentially two weeks’ worth of shifts. This is now my day of reprieve, so I want to do as little as possible. This includes typing, as my everything hurts.

I like the ending of VRAINS better than the opening. But that’s just me. I’ll leave it here though, for you to discern for yourselves.


Opening Edit


As Raven is very busy working, I’ve taken up the liberty to do two weeks in a row and cover for him so he’s only a few days late rather than over a week.

Lately I’ve finally had a tiny bit of free time so I’ve been looking back at some old anime that I’ve missed for whatever reason but want to have a look now. Like Shirobako which I marathon’d over Christmas, another one I remember is Shangri-la which was about 8 years ago when I was 16, and back then anything political in anime didn’t interest me in the slightest.

However I’d say growing up has changed me, so once I get a holiday I feel I might marathon this too. But what actually drew me to it was the OP. I’d say I’m a fan of May’n so I’ll do her some justice and look to bring some of her songs to my SOTWs. To start, here is Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare by May’n.

I couldn’t find a full song on youtube so here’s the opening cut version, but I have included below a link to the full PV on another website.


Following on from my last SOTW featuring the first OP of Re:Creators, it just so happens the second OP was also released and you can definitely call me a fan. Enough so that I actually tweeted the opening line of the song which got a like from the vocalists so thank you very much if you’re reading this! With that in mind, I can’t not blog the second OP as well, here is sh0ut by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tielle & Gemie.


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