Happy new year all! This is not late, this is delayed one day so that I can bring the first blog of the year on the first day of the year. I was thinking of looking for a new year anime song, but I really can’t think of one, so I’ve gone back to my original plan of looking at the past season. Apart from Rapture there are a few OPs I really liked, weather I’ll blog the others is a different question, however the next one on my list is Mahotsukai no Yome’s OP, Here by JUNNA which is probably one of my favourite anime this year, you’ll find out the rest of my top of the year list in the upcoming new season preview blog. Enjoy the music and the festivities as well!


This SOTW is brought to you a week later by someone who’s been working throughout Christmas, and therefore was unable to put this up earlier. But hey, its here now.

And to celebrate Gen III Pokemon getting an inclusion in Pokemon Go, why not blog an Advanced Generation OP?

To be fair, whenever Rica Matsumoto gets her hands on a Pokemon theme, it usually turns out great (Spurt! and OK! come to mind straight away, as my personal favourites), and this is no exception.

So yeah, enjoy this whilst I work the New Year too.


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We Live and Learn
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None so deaf as those who will not hear
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With this season coming to a close very soon, I feel it’s necessary as always to blog at least one or two songs from the actual season. For this season, my first song is one that I slowly warmed up to as the season went on to a point now that I’ve been listening to it every day. It’s a shame that it’s taken me 12 episodes to get to this point, but I feel the best songs that you remember are those that you built a liking to over some time rather than liking it straight away, not saying that the best can’t be ones you like straight away of course. Kinda like how I see relationships. In any case, here is Rapture by Panorama Panama Town from Juuni Taisen.


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