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I was cleaning out some of my stuff recently as I skipped the spring clean and decided to do some summer cleaning. I came across a few anime CDs I bought ages ago and reminded me of some great songs that I felt compelled to purchase and have them shipped from Japan. One of them is ‘Girls Dead Monster’ album, Keep The Beats. Was really enjoyable music from the band and as much as the ending of the anime was a bit meh, they had some great music.

The first song on the CD, Crow Song, was more than enough to make me love the band, so a bit of a throwback, here is Crow Song (Yui Version) by Girls Dead Monster.

Update: Probably not surprising, I’m still behind on last season and slowly catching up with that. Luckily there hasn’t been that many this season I want to see, but there’s a few, sadly, I just have no time. I’m planning to catch up with last season first and then see if I can find some time to watch some from this season. But in terms of blogging, I just don’t know anymore, juggling basically two jobs and an, at least I’d like to think, active social life, makes this very difficult. I will have a rethink, but for now at least I’ll leave it at that.

Everyone will be alone someday, living on in memories only…

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And last my favourite ending theme. This is actually a relatively new one, or at least the newest out of all my favourite endings and openings. It’s from a beautiful anime that has been etched into my top 10 ever since it aired. It was a beautiful piece of music to listen to. I think I actually made a blog about this before just like with Durarara’s opening. Don’t remember too much of what I hide, so this blog may repeat what I’ve already said, but hopefully won’t be a lot. But anyway, the last of my favourite endings, here is rank 1.

Brave Song by Tada Aoi. Ending of Angel Beats.

An emotional song for an emotional anime. I wouldn’t say depressing exactly as I thought the anime in the end wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be, more hopeful, and the music certainly isn’t a sad one, it’s more relaxing and reflective.

Tada Aoi’s voice was a perfect fit for the song, she has an almost angelic voice, which also fits with the theme of the anime and hearing is a soothing and calming experience. I could listen to it on repeat all day, and I even bought the CD when it came out to listen to it on repeat, twas very nice.

The sequence was a simple yet effective sorta countdown as everyone disappeared after each episode. No moving images, just Yurippe in the middle and her friends appearing around her like ghosts and some never showing up having moved on. This is somewhere where simplicity worked to great effect. It was as if Yurippe was saying, I’ve never alone, I have friends and we’ll walk this damned road together until the end!

Well I guess it’s no surprise that my top ending and opening themes would be connected by one person, Jun Maeda who created this tear jerking, heart clenching anime. I don’t think I need to say more on the anime as I actually blogged the entire season, you’ll find my thoughts there, though you probably all guessed what they are anyway.

A beautiful song fit for a beautiful anime, with a beautiful voice to match, what else can I say?
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Episode 14: Stairway to Heaven

Damn! What was 1+1= again

Set in between episodes 4 &5, everyone is in the classroom having lessons (N.B. Tension meter in the corner; at 2). Yuri has come up with ‘Operation High Tension Syndrome’. The plan is for the members to behave as excited as possible, so they would appear to be enjoying school without disappearing. Yuri hopes this will make Tenshi wonder what’s happening and lead them straight to God. The must keep up the act from 9am to 9pm; 12 hours. If the operation fails, they will go with no food for a week, except Yuri who tells them that she will be monitoring Tenshi. This shocks everyone.

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No one’s here anymore. Everyone’s moved on. Only Otonashi, Tachibana, Yurippe, Naoi and Hinata remain. Even Yurippe’s troubles have been sorted out and now all that’s left for them to move on is, a graduation party requested by Tachibana.

She’s even made an anthem for them to sing, though it was about Mapo Tofu… typical, but hilarious. Hinata has the unfortunate role of putting on a bald wig to be the principal for the class diploma presentation because he lost at rock-paper-scissors. Next up, a speech from the representative, Otonashi, a short summary of the series basically but also tear jerking as well. Lastly, they sing Aogeba Toutoshi, which I believe is a standard graduation song in Japan (as I remembered it sang during Azumanga Daioh’s graduation).

And then, the graduation comes to a close. Naoi bids his farewell to Otonashi and leaves first. Yurippe gives Tachibana a hug, says goodbye, and leaves second. Hinata’s next, he thanks Otonashi for his help, even though Otonashi explains that he shouldn’t have been here at all as he found fulfilment in his life. But he was glad to help. Hinata gives Otonashi and high five and leaves too.

Only Otonashi and Tachibana left. He asks her to step out for a bit. And then surprisingly proposes to stay here so he can help others who wander in here unable to accept their lives. He asks for Tachibana to stay with him so he won’t be lonely and confesses  he loves her!

And then we have a revelation! Otonashi’s organ donation in the real world happened to save Tachibana as her current heart, is Otonashi’s. That’s why she’s here, her only regret was that she was unable to thank the person who saved her life. Otonashi now refuses to say he loves her as she’ll disappear, but in the end all he could do was hold tightly onto her and repeat that phrase until she disappeared.

A short epilogue follows as someone who looks Tachibana hums ‘My Song’ in the real world, a person resembling Otonashi passes her, but then he turns round and taps her on the shoulder. The End.

Well… I’m not sure what to say… sorry if my thoughts sound like a mess but I’m… I dunno… One word I’d describe this ending probably would be ‘beautiful’. It was happy, tear jerking, heart warming and sad… I know that sounds weird but it just felt like that. Well, I guess I sorta got what I wanted that they all met up in the real world/next life, though it was only Otonashi and Tachibana, or so it implied. Would’ve been great to see Hinata and Yui too…

Like with many of the other episodes the first half was relatively light hearted. Yurippe turning soft and Kanade’s smile made it heart warming and made me smile. It was funny as well, I actually laughed during the graduation ceremony, the BGM was beautiful, it fit perfectly another piece of lovely music. I didn’t find it sad even when Hinata, Naoi and Yurippe left, that felt, ‘normal’ in a sense.

But then it got tear jerking after everyone left. I was slightly hoping for Otonashi x Yurippe, but I knew that it wasn’t meant to be. Even so, Tachibana’s revelation hit me hard, she came just to say thanks to Otonashi, I mean… wow… I was at a loss for words at that point. Otonashi finally confessed, and because he did, she had to disappear. I mean, that’s just harsh and Otonashi’s reaction plus the ending music finally made me cry slightly. I thought I could hold back my tears, but this is Key we’re talking about. Y’know, there’s one other thing that I would’ve loved to see, when they disappear, they don’t just suddenly vanish, that’s too sudden in my opinion, I wanted to see some sort of dramatic lights flashing or something… but never mind, I guess it was alright to do it in a sudden way too, gave it a good effect.

So, it’s over… Angel Beats, one of the best anime I’ve ever seen. Maeda Jun never ceases to amaze me with his brilliant story writing. It’s still such a shame it isn’t on for two seasons, that would’ve made this series so much better. But even so, it was short and sweet, and I loved it. This was the series I looked forward to for this anime season and it exceeded my expectations. There were bits in the series where it got a little confusing and could’ve been done better and a few plot holes, and also this final boss thing that didn’t go well in my opinion. But overall it’s been an amazing ride. I’ll look forward to his next work, and of course let’s not forget about the OVA coming up. What I’m hoping is an episode about everyone in the ‘next life’ though I get the feeling that’s a bit much to ask… well I can hope.

Well then here’s a very short summary of Angel Beats for those who can’t be arsed reading everything. A brilliant series that I would recommend to everyone. Whilst it may have a few downs it’s mainly due to the shortness of the series, but it’s also because of that, that made it such a sweet series as well.

And there ends another brilliant anime. This wraps up the spring season for my blogging as the other series I blog continue into the summer season. I’ll do my introduction of the summer season next week sometime definitely before it starts. There are also a few changes I want to do, and hopefully I’ll get them all done by next week as well. That includes a new banner I just finished making, look forward to it cos I think it looks amazing.


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