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This week’s SOTW will be from a currently-airing series – Aho Girl. I started reading Aho Girl, and started liking it, because of its quick-delivery comedic nature. It’s a nice read for when you don’t have much time on your hands but still want to read something. So then the anime was announced, and I was all in for it. And it hasn’t disappointed so far.

Anyway, onto the song. It’s a fun and energetic theme that introduces the series pretty well, in my opinion, and gets a different animation each episode that sort of relates to the overarching events in said episode (for example, the most recent episode was a “summer trip”, and there was no animation to speak of, just a sign stating they were away at the beach).


1st Episode OP Animation


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With all the nostalgia I think it’s about time I dragged it back to modern times with the opening of a fairly recent anime that I really enjoyed. Had an interesting story coupled with lovely art and animation. I’m talking about K, and here’s the OP which I never had the chance to blog, KINGs by Angela.

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Going up my ending theme ranks is number 4. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video with the full song on youtube, seems like they were very strict about keeping this one protected, no idea why. So I’m posting the song from another medium. Dunno why this of all songs have all been deleted from youtube. Here is rank 4.

Aoi Haru by Angela. Ending of Seitokai Yakuindomo.

I have to say, this is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard. I’ve quite liked Angela’s songs ever since I first heard her doing the openings and endings for Shikabane Hime. I’ve listened to all her songs ever since and this was my favourite since ‘Beautiful Fighter’.

I found the anime to be rather funny which is why I thought it might also have a crazy ending , like Lucky Star and it’s opening. Luckily I was right, this is a rather unique and crazy song which is why I was instantly addicted for quite a while. It was a very good complement to the anime with its craziness, which is probably why it was chosen.

The animation sequence was an interesting match. Some of the scenes seemed ‘normal’ but then the rest including the art looks like someone drew it whilst on LSD… though I kinda have a feeling that’s what they were going for and I have to say it fits very well.

Due to my workload going through the roof again the new anime blogs may be late. I will blog Nichijou I’ve decided, but am going to do it in a new style that will hopefully suit a gag anime. Anyway bear with me as I sort out my work. Once all the extra things are sorted I’ll be back to a normal day routine which should be fine.


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