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I’m exhausted and have had a long day from house moving, so I’ll cut this one short. Quite simply, been enjoying Re:Creators and I’ve said many times I think great BGM helps make an anime, especially if it’s some great beat that plays during a decisive fantasy battle. With that in mind, here’s Layers by Sawano Hiroyuki ft Aimee Blackschleger. The same composer who did Guilty Crown’s BGM which is my favourite soundtrack as you may or may not know.


So, to follow what I said two weeks ago, I will blog another one from last season. I’ve already mentioned a couple of songs I quite liked from last season so this week to make things easier on myself as I’ve started ‘full’ revision I’ll blog one of the ones I mentioned. The one that I like the most. Here is the BGM from a very surprisingly good anime Kill la Kill, Before My Body Is Dry by Mika Kobayashi.

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I’m going to introduce you to one of my favourite BGM songs. This was played in Yozakura Quartet, an anime that I thought was okay, but nothing special. However I really enjoyed this song and still enjoy it to this day. Very rarely can I find a song that I can listen to for years and still enjoy so this is why this is going up. Here is a BGM song from Yozakura Quartet, “Tell Me I’m Alive” by Ivan Kral.

Note: No video with just the song, so had to borrow an AMV.
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This is a little late into the new season, but as you all know, I have been rather busy. However, I can always find some time to write, so, here I am with the first music blog of the season.

The song I’m starting with is ironically not in an anime that started this season but continued this season which I still watch, namely Guilty Crown. The anime weapon mechanics remind me too much of Elemental Gelade not to watch. So here is a Guilty Crown BGM song BIOS.

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