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The Bus that Leapt Through Time
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I went to a talk on virtual reality and its future recently as a member of my work’s technology department. It was very interesting and I liked the topics like gaming, uses for various real life training, sporting events etc. One thing I did have a long chat with one of the presenters about is the gaming aspect and the ‘risk’ of people spending too much time in that world and perhaps not ever coming out.

That was my cue to remember Yuuki from SAO, I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it, but let’s just say SAO and VR was the only way Yuuki could’ve ‘lived’. As much as SAO had narrative issues in the earlier parts, it’s gotten much better and I really enjoyed the movie and am also looking forward to next season.

In any case because of that, I remembered how much I enjoyed the opening that played during that Arc and thought this would be a great SOTW. Here is Courage by Aoi Eir.

Katrielle and the Lucky Man

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Recently I’ve not actually been listening to many songs, there are times where music helps you focus on the work you do, and other times you need to ‘really’ focus mentally so music doesn’t help, especially not the type of songs I listen to. So the song this week hasn’t been something I’ve been listening to on loop and thought it’s really catchy. But it is a classic and nostalgic as well. I recently watched the final Digimon Tri movie and was left a little empty after it finished, missing my childhood days of Digimon and Pokemon again. So I played this song on loop for a while and booted up my PS4 to play some Cyber Sleuth. Still need to get Hacker’s Memory mind you, but this’ll do for now. Here is Brave Heart by Ayumi Miyazaki.

Katrielle and the Phantom Thief of the Century
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