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I was playing a ‘guess the anime this opening theme is for’ with a friend recently and for some reason after going through literally hundreds of anime songs, this was one that really stuck in my head. Probably because I didn’t get it right and it really bothered me for ages as I knew it… either way though, who doesn’t love a ‘happy go lucky’ and catchy song, so I’ll take it as my SOTW. Here is Zannen Kei Rinjinbu by Marina Inoue, Kanae Itou, Nozomi Yamamoto, Misato Fukuen, Kana Hanazawa, and Yuka Iguchi, the OP for Haganai.


Happy Autumn all! I have just returned from my first long holiday since last Christmas, far too busy lately and glad to finally have a break, although the annoying thing is that I went from very tense to very relaxed and caught a cold. But that would never detract me from blogging! So here I am again with another season preview.
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I Love You Too
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Right, I’ve had a hectic few days after returning to London from going back home last weekend so this is unfortunately late. My hectic days involved a lot more IKEA flat pack furniture building, resolving my still unresolved hot water issue and a few messed up delivery services… but whatever, I’m done now and decided to wind down before going to sleep and back to work with some anime music funnily enough. The one out of everything I listened that I’m blogging this time is from a chirpy cutesy anime that brought my mood up back up, here is A E I U E O Ao!! by Gekidan Hitotose!

Edit: Just realised that I’ve blogged this one before, but as I’ve been too busy to think of another one, I’ll leave it as is. So I’ll use this as a special repeat one and hopefully won’t happen again.


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