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…And this is how late this post gets up when I don’t get any days off during the week.

Anyway, I really love both of the new Black Clover themes, and I really wanted to put more effort into a post for the opening, since I like it much more, so here’s the ending.



Ending Edit:



This SOTW is also late. But it is another Black Clover theme, which are pretty good at the moment.

This is the current, and 2nd, ending theme to Black Clover. Its paired opening is the last Black Clover SOTW blog I did, which recently got a new animation. I kind of wish I did this theme then, and the opening here…

But I digress, this is still a good song.


Ending Edit


A week or two ago, whilst I was searching through series on Crunchyroll, I came across Black Clover, a series I recognised from one or two chapters of the manga. So I thought: “Hey me, you’ve got an hour and a half free. Why don’t you read the first 100 or so chapters of manga, then watch the first episode and get stuck into this series?”

So I did. I now love Black Clover.

‘PAiNT it BLACK’ is the 2nd opening to the series, and is the current opening at the time of this post. It’s a great theme, and whilst it’s pretty even with the 1st opening musically (for me anyway), the animation puts it higher, in my opinion. It gives more animation time to characters other than Asta, Yuno and Noelle, and really starts to show off some of the great characters that appear in this series.

Anyway, on to the video:


Opening Edit



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