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This week’s post is late again, but I was working from the start of the week, then had an overnight shift to do. So, being posted today really makes sense when you look at it that way.

This week is one of my favourite anime theme animations of recent years (and maybe ever?). From the beginning with the birds on the telephone wires being the first few notes sung by the seiyuu (and moving in time when they’re sung) to the ridiculously smooth animation of something like a book’s pages being flipped through (which I didn’t realise I needed to see before watching this), this opening is very impressive.

And yes, the song is sung by the seiyuu of the main girls. So is the ending, which is a nice animation on its own, but for different reasons.

Anywho, here’s the video:


Opening Edit:


Hello everyone! Firstly apologies this is very very late, I’m aware we’re already halfway through the season, but time hasn’t been kind to me. I can’t remember if I mentioned in any of my last updates, probably not as I was busy with my hearing loss, but I helped set up a company earlier this year and running that alongside a full time job really eats up your free time. Though because of that keeping me busy, I feel like I’m over my hearing loss as I don’t even have time to contemplate the impact it has on my life. Mainly because it’s already been 3 months and it hasn’t affected my daily life too much. Sure it’s a pain and I live in fear that I’ll lose hearing in my other ear too, but I’m not one to let fear or a pain get in the way of a life I still need to live through and what I want to do.
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