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Yes, I am still alive. Through a combination of increased shifts over the holidays, dealing with my father’s stuff after his death, AND preparing for a holiday to Japan at the start of April; I’ve unfortunately not been able to save time to do a post on here for a while.

But – great timing – Black Clover has a new opening. Awesome.


Opening Edit:


Huh. Seems I lost a few weeks. Oh well.

Here’s this week’s SOTW. Black Clover’s 9th OP: a badass tune from EMPiRE with an as-per-usual spoilerific animation (which is also equally badass).



Opening Edit:


Opening Theme:

“Matoryoshika” by NICO Touches the Walls

Ending Theme:

“RPG” by School Food Punishment

We start off this series with a guy trying out various credit/debit cards at an ATM, none of them work until he puts a card with the number 0666 as the starting numbers of the card in. The ATM screen turns black and asks for a pin code, he types 666, then the ATM asks if he’d like to make a deal, he answers yes, then the ATM asks if he’d like to choose an opponent, he says yes again.

He exits the building to a black luxury car that was waiting for him. The driver asks where to go, he answers The Financial District. The driver flicks some switches and they drive through the wall.

As we glimpse the financial district a young man gives a short monologue about how to view money. As he sits down for a glass of wine, another ‘person’ comes by and says that there’s a ‘deal’. The young man changes the scenery with a swipe of his card and meets his ‘opponent’ who’s the guy from the start of the episode.

They each summon out creatures with their cards and do battle. It’s over in a short time and the young man wins. How? I don’t know.

Scenery changes to a university and introduces the main character Kimimaro Yoga and a girl, Hanabi Ikuta on a normal day at university.

The guy we met at the start of the episode stands on a train platform, and then, I presume, throws himself in front of the train.

Later in the evening as Kimimaro is working, Hanabi comes by to give him some notes for a test the next day. As thanks he wants to invite her for a drink after he finishes, but she’s with her boyfriend so declines and leaves.

Middle of the night, someone comes knocking on Kimimaro’s door. He introduces himself as Masakaki of the Bank of Midas Commercial Division. Kimimaro shuts the door but Masakaki appears inside the apartment and is kicked out again. Until Kimimaro is transported to another dimension and Masakaki finally gets him to listen.

Basically there’s a vacancy in the financial district, presuming it’s that guy who committed suicide earlier and they’ve chosen Kimimaro to take his spot. Simply put, they’ve decided to sponsor his future and will lend him money as long as he uses the money in the financial district. He doesn’t agree and ‘wakes’ up. Thinking it was a dream he goes to university as normal but when he checks his bank account he has over 500k yen.

Talking with a few of his colleagues he decides to take the 500k, but as he’s about to withdraw the money Masakaki returns and tries a different approach to lure him in, using his jealousy for Hanabi as her current boyfriend is from a rich family and it might be money that’s keeping her away from him. Masakaki then goes personal saying that if his father had this money maybe he wouldn’t have left him.

Masakaki presents him with ‘the’ card that’ll get him into the financial district and without much of a choice he accepts. It’s but a simple trade off, he can go into the financial district and they’ll hold his future as collateral. With that, Masakaki and Kimimaro head off to the financial district.

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