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Recently I’ve not actually been listening to many songs, there are times where music helps you focus on the work you do, and other times you need to ‘really’ focus mentally so music doesn’t help, especially not the type of songs I listen to. So the song this week hasn’t been something I’ve been listening to on loop and thought it’s really catchy. But it is a classic and nostalgic as well. I recently watched the final Digimon Tri movie and was left a little empty after it finished, missing my childhood days of Digimon and Pokemon again. So I played this song on loop for a while and booted up my PS4 to play some Cyber Sleuth. Still need to get Hacker’s Memory mind you, but this’ll do for now. Here is Brave Heart by Ayumi Miyazaki.

With the latest Digimon Tri movie’s release and having only blogged the original theme, I thought this was a good time to blog the Tri version of Butterfly. RIP Kouji Wada, you will be remembered! Here is Butterfly by Kouji Wada once more.

An update as always, although, I think I say enough about my life in my normal blogs here and there to give you a rough idea of what’s going on. I am going into my next set of exams which are in the first week of November. So whilst it is only the start of the new season, I will be in heavy revision. It still means I won’t have as much time as I would like again. Although, even if I did I would still keep it at two anime blogs, just because when I do have the time I still have so many other things to do, like work that just keeps piling up…

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It’s that time again, when I have exams soon… but more importantly, it’s a new anime season! I have been actually a little hyped for the first time since I can remember, and the reason? Well, it’s of course Digimon Tri! It’s been a while since anything ‘old’ that I know well has popped up on the current scene, if you know what I mean. Sailor Moon was the last one I remember, probably because I’m still watching it, but I didn’t really know it that well considering that I never watched the original. Digimon however, is a completely different story. It, at the time of my childhood, was something I actually considered on par with Pokemon in terms of how much I enjoyed it, and the whole ‘digital’ side of it actually probably helped it to tilt it in Digimon’s favour. The unfortunate thing is, it didn’t continue like Pokemon did, if it had, I think I definitely would’ve followed Digimon. But given how the story was set, that wasn’t going to happen. So yes, very excited for Digimon.
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