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This week’s SOTW is the new VRAINS opening.

VRAINS is going great as far as themes go, isn’t it? ‘BOY’, ‘glory’, ‘go forward’, ‘Are you ready?’ and ‘Writing Life’ were all great, and this one follows suit.

Plus, that animation hypes me up for what’s coming in the next few episodes. And we got an updated animation for ‘Are you ready?’ with some character’s “new forms”, so to speak.

Anyway, here’s the video, as usual:


Opening Edit:


This week’s SOTW is the current VRAINS ED.

Whilst it seemed like a weird part of the story to change the ED, and whilst I loved the previous ED, ‘glory’, this one is actually an amazing theme. And that’s ignoring the full length of the song (the PV comes in at over 11 minutes long), which gets much heavier and closer to things I would listen to normally. Suffice to say though, they chose the best parts of the song to use in the ED edit, for a crucial (and awesome) part of the series.

I didn’t really know much about BiS before I watched Black Clover and discovered their “spinoff” act BiSH. But from what I’ve heard of both since then, I love both.

So yeah, video time:


Ending Edit:


I’m pretty sure we’ve missed a SOTW or two recently, but I suppose that’s what happens when both the remaining bloggers fall ill at the same time.

So let’s just restart it for this week.

This SOTW is the 4th ending to Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, and its a great ending theme. It gets me hyped for the next episode of a pretty good and consistent arc every time, which is a plus.

Anyway, here’s the video.


Ending Edit:



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