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If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “LuRa’s SOTW hasn’t been a One Piece theme in a while”, then you’re in luck! This week it is.

The Wano arc is being animated, and whilst I am sort of late in blogging the “new” opening theme, it is still happening as we speak. So it counts as being current.


Opening Edit:


I think I’ve said this before, or if I haven’t then you’ll know now that I am currently making good progress on Final Fantasy Type 0. My aim is to finish it before I need to start revising for my final exam very soon seeing as my course starts next Friday. Though I won’t be receiving the materials for the exam until next month, so I still have some weeks of free time to relax and finish Type 0.

So my song this week comes from Type 0, it’s Zero by Bump of Chicken. It’s not the theme of the game, but if you’ve ever played it, it’s probably the most iconic song for the game as you hear it at the start and I also believe it’s also played during the ending credits but I’m not there yet so won’t know. Either way, enjoy!

Oh hey, it’s me, bringing another fairly recent song as this week’s SOTW. What the hell’s wrong with me, am I right?

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