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Right, I’m still here! Just been ridiculously busy so may have missed a few weeks. So ridiculous that I’ve been a bit down in the dumps with how my life’s currently going, coupled with the fact that I’m still deaf in one ear, doesn’t help my mood. Inevitably that means a lot of listening to sad anime music, to ironically help me feel better. And since SAO’s release I’ve been in love with their new ED and how good of a fit it is for the entire mood of the series so far, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been watching it. In any case, in case you’re worried I am better, I do pick myself back up quite well, it just takes time. But for now, here is unlasting by LiSA.

Annoyingly I’m very late this time. Far too busy with work, so much so that of the new anime series this season I’ve only started watching SAO which I will be blogging and nothing else yet. They are all on my to watch list though. Regardless, this is a terrible state of affairs. But whatever, as I mentioned before, I will restart blogging no matter what.

Firstly though, as I am blogging SAO and I also really enjoyed the OP theme, I thought that would be a perfect SOTW. So here is ADAMS by LiSA and you can also expect my first anime episodic blog in a while to be up in a few days featuring SAO Alicization!

So you won’t know this, but the results of my final exam was released on Friday and to be relief I passed. I am now a chartered accountant, when all paperwork is done and they accept my registration, but I won’t let formalities stop me from calling myself a chartered accountant when anyone asks what I do for now. Now the song this week is because of that exam pass, and there’s a very short story to that.

The results come out at 12.00 pm on the Friday which meant I was in work. My work place allows me to leave the office to get my results because it’s more nerve-wracking to get my results with others around especially as I wasn’t that confident because I had felt the paper didn’t go as planned.

I went out and to calm myself I started up pokemon go and saw an ekans nearby and went hunting. Long story short, I caught an Ekans right as the clock hit 12 and I got ready to call my family about my result so I plugged my headphones in which for some reason automatically starts my music. As I switched out ‘tabs’ to internet to see my results, this song started as it was recently released and I have it. So I was jumping up and down, in a quiet area I might add, to the lyrics ‘cmon brave freak out’ and I thought this had to be my SOTW.

So that’s my short story, here is Breave Freak Out by LiSA.

Right, I actually don’t want to spend any longer on more up to date music as I prefer to look at older, perhaps forgotten music. So I’ll leave last season’s music with one more song I was very fond of. And because of the start of the second season of Sword Art Online I was reminded of LiSA who did the first op of the first season. I think that hint may have made you realise what song I’m blogging this time, it is of course Mahouka’s OP, Rising Hope by LiSA.

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So this is my first Song of the Week and I want to kick this off in style! Something that sounds bad-ass with insane riffs and from an equally awesome anime. Crossing Field by LisA is my choice this week from the brilliant Sword Art Online anime which is being reviewed by our very own Lucretia!

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