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Well, almost a decade into this blog and I guess I’ve finally hit a real hurdle to writing it with my current illness. Now obviously loss of hearing in one ear doesn’t affect my writing or thinking ability, but with any life changing event it does make you think a little more about the direction of your life.

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Last year this time I was thinking ‘is this it?’ and thought that everything around me was a bit ‘meh’. But after losing my hearing, I do appreciate life a lot more and have started to focus on what I want to do in life and where I want to be in the next decade or so. At the end of the day, that isn’t blogging, although because I still enjoy blogging, I do imagine that this blog will continue many years down the line, it just won’t be a primary focus.

As an update to my life, I’d like to say I’ve come to terms now with my loss of hearing and getting on with returning to my normal life, but with a renewed goal in mind of what I want to do and where I want to be.

That said, I’m not completely sure when I’ll return to blogging, the summer anime season does seem like the perfect time, but I’ll think about it for now.

As always, huge thanks to who’s still around and enjoying my random musings!

Okay everyone, I suppose it’s time to fill you all in on where I’ve disappeared to for the past weeks. I have mentioned illness I believe towards the end of January when everything started and let’s just say that escalated in a really detrimental way.

I will cut to the chase, a few weeks ago I developed sudden profound hearing loss in my left ear and following that a really bad flu which meant I was in bed for the best part of a week. That was unfortunately not the end of it as towards the end of my flu I had terrible vertigo which I’m still suffering from now. After being in and out of hospital over the past few weeks the conclusion is that my one sided deafness is permanent, cue sinking heart moment, but my vertigo will recover in a month or so time.

Therefore due to the vertigo I’ve not really been able to do much and have taken time off from everything. Also that time has been used to get used to my one sided deafness. I’d like to consider myself a very resilient person so getting back to my feet won’t take too long, though that’s quite hard to do right now, literally, due to the vertigo.

And so I’m sadly here to bring the news that because of everything I’ve said above, I will be taking a break/hiatus whatever you want to call it. I don’t know how long for, but at least until the vertigo recovers. Due to the interruption I’m again behind on blogging after thinking I finally caught up over Christmas so I may yet again reset for the next season, but I will see how I’m feeling and update you all again soon.

Thanks for reading, you haven’t seen the last of me yet, I will continue with SOTWs at the very least for now. Anyway, here’s the first illness related anime picture I found to lighten the mood a little.

I did know that the anniversary of my blog was coming up this year, I didn’t forget, but I was on a two week holiday so I couldn’t really write it. I only managed to schedule a few other posts before I left as work was really busy as well. But regardless, I’m back and so I’m happy to celebrate yet another year with my blog!

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I was starting to type up my Spring/Summer 2017 preview when I remembered that it’s usually around this time of year my blog birthday is, and it certainly was, so apologies for a few days delay, the blog’s birthday is indeed on the 25th March.
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Blog 6th birthday - Digimon

A blink of the eye
Another year gone by

Never thought I was quite a poet but that just came out naturally, someone probably already said it before but who cares.
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