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This week’s post will be a song I’ve had in my back pocket just in case I literally had no time to write anything – Naruto Shippuuden’s 14th OP.

So yeah, as I said, I’ve not really had the time to do this post, so it’ll be fairly short. So here’s the song.


Opening Edit:


This week, I’ve decided to blog one of my favourite songs of all time as SOTW.

Not only is it one of my favourite songs, but it’s by one of my favourite bands, from one of my favourite series (before the giant block of filler hit us in our collective faces), during probably its best arc.

I’ve always loved this arc of Naruto, and the opening theme for this part is one of the main reasons. There’s also the Sound Five (who are genuinely some of my favourite characters, in the original series at least) and the badass fights that relatively minor characters (at the time) like Chouji and Kiba have.

Anyway, here’s the second version of the OP animation, as I prefer this version, having Kimimaro and the Sand Siblings in it.


Opening Version 2 Edit:


Yeah, this is very late this week, but that’ll happen when you only have a single day off and come down with a cold during the week. It just sucks.

Still, here’s a song that I love. Great ending, great theme. Enjoy.


Ending Edit


This week’s SOTW will be a song I haven’t been able to get out of my head recently.

Plus – rare for me – it’s contemporary!

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Tiger beats Shark.

Might Guy’s ‘Daytime Tiger’ V Kisame Hoshigaki’s ‘Giant Shark Missile’. Who will win? Let’s see. Kisame explains in thought that his missile absorbs the opponent’s chakra to grow stronger and bigger, and that the stronger the enemy’s attack is, the stronger it will be. He theorises that Guy’s attack has a lot of chakra making it up, so feels like he has won. The shark swallows the tiger, but the shark doesn’t grow. Instead, Guy yells for his youth to howl, and then the tiger explodes inside the shark. Naruto’s group notice the explosion, and Yamato explains it is Guy’s ‘Daytime Tiger’ attack, and that they should brace themselves for immediate impact. At the impact point, Guy stands triumphant over Kisame, who asks what Guy’s move was. Guy explains that the tiger is a combat move, and is a simple punch. However, the punch is so fast that it focuses a blast of concentrated air at the opponent, which explodes on impact. He also explains that the blue aura he has is because of the Gate of Wonder being opened, which produces blue sweat from every pore on his body, which is then evaporated by his heat energy. Kisame understands, as he thought it was shrinking because it was chakra. He states that this is the third time they have fought, yet Guy still had an ace up his sleeve. Kisame twitches, and Guy punches him, saying that he told him not to move.

Later, Kisame is tied up and Aoba says he will look into Kisame’s mind to learn some more about Akatsuki. He goes into Kisame’s mind and arrives in Kisame’s past as a member of the secret intelligence squad of Kirigakure, being a subordinate to a Seven Swordsman of the Mist member. As they are having lunch, and one member tries to become friendly with him, which fails, they are attacked by Ibiki Morino. Kisame remembers his commander’s words, about never letting the codes get taken, under any circumstances. He protects the codes by killing all of the other members of his squad, and when asked why he did it by Ibiki, he states that there are times when information is more important than lives, and his teammates would have told the information easily. Later, he kills his former commander, who was selling information to outsiders, taking Samehada from him. He is then congratulated by the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, and is told he will work under Yagura personally. Kisame says that he will until Yagura has him killed, and Yagura says that he can trust people like Kisame, who carry out ugly missions for the welfare of the village and country, and that he knows nothing of the world but lies. Kisame says he knows this anyway, when he was killing his fellow Kiri ninja, and asks what that makes him, saying his life has been one big lie. Then Madara Uchiha appears, saying that he will lead Kisame out of the lies, and he will work for him from now on. Kisame is cautious, but then Madara opens his eye, revealing his Sharingan. Kisame understands that Madara has been controlling Yagura the whole time, and is impressed. When Madara tells Kisame his name, he is unconvinced, and asks to see him. Before Aoba sees this, Kisame bites his tongue, breaking the mental connection in order to protect Madara’s plans. He then breaks free, stating that a world of truth is where he wanted to go.

Whilst this last Kisame/Guy fight was very short, I think the way it finished was rather brilliant. Guy can now use concentrated air as a weapon. That’s why he’s one of the best Jonin ever, I suppose. Kisame’s backstory was revealed, and whilst a part of it was a mere reason to cameo Ibiki, the rest was a good backstory, which is something I don’t really see that often in manga anymore. Kisame wants to protect information at all costs, and does so at the end by biting his own tongue off. Commitment. And because of that Konoha still don’t know Madara’s plan, or even what he looks like, properly. This might be a ‘last stand’ sort of fight next, where Kisame reveals some ultimate move, or something. Who knows? He’ll probably die eventually, leaving only Zetsu and Madara as the last Akatsuki members. Though there is still Kabuto, with Orochimaru’s power, who resurrected the other Akatsuki members… Oh well, we’ll read next week anyway.


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