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This week’s post will be a song I’ve had in my back pocket just in case I literally had no time to write anything – Naruto Shippuuden’s 14th OP.

So yeah, as I said, I’ve not really had the time to do this post, so it’ll be fairly short. So here’s the song.


Opening Edit:


So, I’ve been pushed for time this week (no surprise), and this week’s SOTW is literally just the most memorable song I’ve listened to on the new digital radio app I recently downloaded.

I loved this song when I was a fresh-faced anime lover, watching Naruto for the first time. It’s such a nice song, and now it’s here as SOTW.


Ending Edit:


This week, I’ve decided to blog one of my favourite songs of all time as SOTW.

Not only is it one of my favourite songs, but it’s by one of my favourite bands, from one of my favourite series (before the giant block of filler hit us in our collective faces), during probably its best arc.

I’ve always loved this arc of Naruto, and the opening theme for this part is one of the main reasons. There’s also the Sound Five (who are genuinely some of my favourite characters, in the original series at least) and the badass fights that relatively minor characters (at the time) like Chouji and Kiba have.

Anyway, here’s the second version of the OP animation, as I prefer this version, having Kimimaro and the Sand Siblings in it.


Opening Version 2 Edit:


Yeah, this is very late this week, but that’ll happen when you only have a single day off and come down with a cold during the week. It just sucks.

Still, here’s a song that I love. Great ending, great theme. Enjoy.


Ending Edit


Ah, sorry, I was busy again. Was working 9 hour evening shifts over the weekend, so you’ll have to forgive me. But at least this is up by mid-week, right?

And it’s a Shippuden theme, again. And it’s also an Ajikan song, again. But what can I do? When I’m spent for time, I go to the stuff that works well.

I enjoyed this opening. It had 3 different animations as the story progressed, and the song itself was like a return to form on Naruto themes in general. So yeah, enjoy the song for as long as the week has left.


Opening Edit (Animation v.3)


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