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Right, I’m not that up to date with the anime scene these days. But this week’s SOTW is a song I’ve been listening to all week. I’ve heard that it’s the theme song for the new No Game No Life movie, but I’ve then also heard that it’s not official even though everywhere I’ve looked says it is. Regardless, the singer is a current anisong singer so even if this song isn’t the new theme it’s anime related enough for me. And if you’re wondering, I do like ‘Blow Out’ from this season and also have her single for ‘Redo’ as well, I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan, but her songs are good, so enjoy.

Here is One Day Sky by Konomi Suzuki.

Update: As I wrote this a week ago, I’ve only recently found out that No Game No Life’s movie theme song will actually be ‘There is a Reason’. This is still a good song and I’m going with this SOTW anyway. And yes, I do write some blogs in advance.

My first SOTW without exams to hold me back. It feels great to have free afternoons and weekends again. Though that does mean I was out for the entirety of yesterday and half of today as well. So somehow I’ve actually ended up with less ‘free’ time. But y’know what, that’s perfectly fine as I’m enjoying myself.

Since this season’s coming to a close, I thought this is probably a good time to blog some songs from the season that I really liked. I’ll start with the OP of one of my favourite anime this season, perhaps one of your favourites as well, No Game No Life op, This Game by Konomi Suzuki.

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