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This week’s post will be a song I’ve had in my back pocket just in case I literally had no time to write anything – Naruto Shippuuden’s 14th OP.

So yeah, as I said, I’ve not really had the time to do this post, so it’ll be fairly short. So here’s the song.


Opening Edit:


Alright, so this week’s is kind of a cop out. I’m still kind of busy with Christmas-going-into-New-Year stuff, so this is the one of the first songs on my playlist.

A “recent” (note the inverted commas) Naruto Shippuden opening, it’s easily one of, if not the, best Shippuden openings full stop.

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This week’s SOTW will be a song I haven’t been able to get out of my head recently.

Plus – rare for me – it’s contemporary!

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Where's the party?

So, Akatsuki finally knows where Naruto is. On Naruto’s end, Bee searches, but cannot find the scroll, so they all assume the enemy knows of their position. Naruto goes over to help Guy up, but instead Guy screams in pain. Yamato tells Naruto not to touch him, as the aftereffects of opening the gates, namely torn muscle fibres, is starting to affect him. Naruto comically overplays it. Aoba suggests that they move Naruto as soon as possible, as Akatsuki know where they are. Motoi summons an owl, and ties a message to its leg. He then says that they’ll move Naruto, but he has to stay on the island. This confuses Aoba, but Motoi reveals the island is actually a giant turtle, and can move around, so won’t be on any map. He says that moving the island to the Hidden Cloud is safer than by boat, and says it would be too suspicious if Naruto left the island, as he’s meant to be on an ecology mission there.

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