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So yeah, this is late. My bad.

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"Have you been injured at work?"

Well, with Aizen finally defeated, shinigami are now cleaning up after themselves, with Mayuri ready to activate the world-shifting binding posts. Isshin overreacts, saying that activating a world transfer without a senkaimon is dangerous. Mayuri says that he doesn’t care, but he’ll be generous and count to ten. Isshin comically tells them that they’ll all die. We then cut to Hiyori (no pun intended) who has been bandaged up and healed by Retsu, who says that that should do for the time being. Lisa asks if this means Hiyori may not survive. Retsu answers that kidou is like medicine, and she’s done her part of fixing Hiyori up, but it is Hiyori who must not give up on living to survive. She then says that Shinji would know if she will wake up or not, and Shinji thanks her. Retsu asks why he thanks her, as she doesn’t need thanks for saving the lives of her allies. Shinji says that he never said they were allies, and then thanks her for Hiyori’s sake. Kenpachi and Byakuya then return from Hueco Mundo, along with Yachiru, and their squads call over some medical relief for them. When asked about his fight, Kenpachi remarks that it was boring. We the cut to a fallen Yammy, struggling to breathe. He hears a barking and looks to find his hollow dog, and asks why it followed him. He then calls it stupid, and slowly dies.

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