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“I was… waiting indeed, so that I can smash your flesh, blood, sword and soul

…into many, tiny pieces.”

This week in the latest chapter of Bleach… the thing which fans have been waiting for has happened at long last!

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Okay, so Hi. This is my first blog. As Lucretia said, I was invited to join her and Raven on their page. I’ll be bringing along something a little different, gaming. This will be consisting of brand new games, software, accessories, news and much more! I’ll be reviewing them personally, and telling you if they are worth all the hype they get.

So let’s kick it off with one of the very looked forward to games – ‘Red Dead Redemption’ . This game was basically designed for GTA (Grand Theft Auto) fans and people that like those old westerns, such as ‘Gun’. I think this time Rockstar – The game company that developed this game, have definitely achieved something this time.

Let’s start back in 2004 – the prequel to the game, although a different protagonist, ‘Red Dead Revolver’. This was another third person shooter also published by Rockstar. It was a game that wasn’t a massive success but had a rough 75% average score over all. It was said to be the game that would bring the creativity and open land to the player, for a great experience of a spaghetti-western game. All fans and players did not completely think it got to its goal. So those hard working bunnies at Rockstar put their foot down and thought hard.

Those same bunnies eventually had a brainstorm, and an idea. That idea was, yes you guessed it, ‘Red Dead Redemption’. They say the ‘Redemption’ in the title is talking about the main characters ambition in the game, but also for Rockstar to have a second chance of making the game they promised.

You play as the hardened, ex-brute John Marston. He was a killer with no mercy. He was a thug with no fear, as he has nothing to live for. But don’t get him wrong, because even now, he won’t let anyone mess him around. He has been sent to the good town of Armadillo to take down one of his ex-buddies and partner in crime – Bill Williamson. They were both in an old gang called Dutch van der Linde, but as this has suggested so far, John retired from that game, and now is trying to be a better person.

The gameplay in the game is, in my opinion, fantastic. It goes hand in hand with the graphics. Fast, yet varying horses. You can hunt boar or even bulls. Save random people you come across that need help. Go on a high speed horse chase with some thug, and top it off with tying him up with a rope, carrying him, and doing with him what you think he deserves. The choices and the amount of possibilities there are is amazing. It can definitely get exciting, and even has those minigames to give you that micro-entertainment.

I have now been playing ‘Red Dead Redemption’ for a while, and I am definitely impressed. It has the freedom of a full RPG. It has the addictive gameplay of a good shooter, and along that, a good story line. To me it definitely had the perfect ingredients for a great tasting cake.


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