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As previously mentioned in my really late season preview blog, I will be providing an update on what’s currently going on in my life very soon. But first, I did want to get the SOTW up as regardless of what my update will say, I do at least want to keep the blog active somewhat and post these out.

Whilst I am behind on my anime which is nothing new, I am keeping up to date with a few anime so far this season, one of them being The Rising of the Shield Hero. To be honest I have mentioned before I’m always sceptical of any new isekai anime but after a few episodes I have been told that it’s quite good and so I gave it a shot. So far so good and I’m enjoying it, and hence why the SOTW for its opening theme, I do love a rap in songs as well, especially the message of ‘rising up’ is certainly helping my mentality right now. Here is RISE by MADKID.

Yup, it’s late, but I’ve only had one day off this week. I was going to discuss the new live-action Ghost In The Shell movie, as it’ll be released at the end of March, then relate it to this SOTW, but alas, I have no time.

So I’ll just leave the opening of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG here, Rise by Origa.


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