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This week’s SOTW has literally been my song for the week, as in it’s been in my head so much I’ve played it on loop whenever I get a moment to put some music on. Having blogged about Sawano Hiroyuki before, it’s likely no surprise that I’m a big fan of his music and it always amazes me how he can still keep coming up with great masterpieces.

Sadly this is a song from an anime I haven’t watched, but that’s more because it didn’t catch my attention at the time of release, though it does mean I only roughly understand what the singing is about as Sawano Hiroyuki’s songs relate to the anime itself. Still, even if I don’t understand it fully, I still ‘get’ it. Maybe that’s due to his ‘magic’, but regardless, it’s still a great song that’s full of feeling. Here is aLIEz by Sawano Hiroyuki ft Mizuki, second OP for Aldnoah.Zero.

Following on from my last SOTW featuring the first OP of Re:Creators, it just so happens the second OP was also released and you can definitely call me a fan. Enough so that I actually tweeted the opening line of the song which got a like from the vocalists so thank you very much if you’re reading this! With that in mind, I can’t not blog the second OP as well, here is sh0ut by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tielle & Gemie.

With Re:Creators hitting the second OP theme, I thought this would be a good time to blog the first OP. For some anime, the OP theme is a big factor in determining whether or not I watch it, I’m sure it’s the same for many of you too. For Re:Creators this was the case it’s a really nice mellow dramatic song, if you get what I mean. And as my last SOTW was Sawano Hiroyuki, why not follow the theme right? So here is gravityWall by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tielle & Gemie.

I’m exhausted and have had a long day from house moving, so I’ll cut this one short. Quite simply, been enjoying Re:Creators and I’ve said many times I think great BGM helps make an anime, especially if it’s some great beat that plays during a decisive fantasy battle. With that in mind, here’s Layers by Sawano Hiroyuki ft Aimee Blackschleger. The same composer who did Guilty Crown’s BGM which is my favourite soundtrack as you may or may not know.

What’s a SOTW BGM series without a BGM song from my favourite BGM filled anime Guilty Crown. From this OST my three favourites were BIOS, Home ~in this corner~ and the last one which I haven’t made a post about, Hill of Sorrow by Sawano Hiroyuki feat mpi, or Hill of Sorry as it was spelt by me last year in February in Home ~in this corner~ ‘s SOTW by mistake.

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