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Hello everyone! We are yet again going into beautiful spring and the weather here in the UK is warming up and I’m soaking up my fair share of vitamin D. I’ve returned from holiday as well and rested up a few days so feeling refreshed and ready to go once more and hope that work won’t drain me horribly again. But if I know work, something bad will happen…
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The first Christmas that I don’t need to do any work since high school, and my first break from work since starting. It sure feels odd to be on a long break from work but I sure am enjoying it. So much so that I think I’ve drank more than enough to last me for the entirety of next year. And that’ll be my excuse if I fall behind on blogs in the next week or so. Though that’s not saying I actually will, catching up nicely I think and whilst I have plans for almost everyday until I go back, I’ll always have some time to blog, hopefully.
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With the summer over and autumn upon us comes the usual groaning of going back to school or university, at least with us young people who are still in education at least. But not to fear, this season, from my point of view, looks like a great one. Although that said, I am going into my third year of university and then after that it’ll be work… so… I won’t have much time for anime. However I believe I can still keep blogging at least 4 or 5 times a week and will continue for as long as I can.

I will continue with Vanguard, and Bleach is likely to return to normal story soon as the fillers come to a close in the next few weeks. Nichijou and Blood C will end soon which frees up at least 2 blogging days, so I will blog at least 2 new series. Although since I said this is a great season there’s obviously a lot I’m interested in, and know that I will like as they are sequels of series I’ve known and loved for a long time, mostly. Which of course means the majority of what I’m interested in are sequels.
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Merry Christmas or happy holidays!

My fourth season in anime blogging, surprised I’m still enjoying it, sure it can get annoying and feel like a chore sometimes, but seeing all the comments people make really make this worthwhile. So I thank you if you’ve ever commented. I do my best to reply, but sometimes I just don’t have enough time, or I may forget… sorry if that’s happened. Please keep the comments coming, I would like nothing better than to discuss something I enjoy so don’t feel shy. And of course thanks to everyone who’s taking time to read my blogs, I’ll admit some can be rather long, but that just means there’s so much I wanna say so thank you for putting up with those ones.

Because of exams coming up in January I won’t be able to blog the first two episodes of all the animes I say I’m interested in. I may not even be able to blog the first few episodes of the animes I want to blog on time purely because of revision.

Anyway, on with my preview, I’m sure you know the layout by now:

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Based off a game from Yu-Gi-Oh R manga creator Akira Ito and Duel Master’s technical advisor and Bushiroad’s president Takkaki Kidani.

My Thoughts:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much information about this anime. But the fact that it involves Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters staff is more than enough for me take an interest. I do love TCGs, so this might be interesting. Raven’s the bigger TCG nerd though, I play a wide variety whilst he’s mainly Yu-Gi-Oh. So I’m taking an interest for the both of us.

Will I blog this series? – Most likely


A story about an island where a “Fractale System” is collapsing. One day, a boy, Crane finds an injured girl, Phryne under a cliff. But she disappears and leaves a pendant behind. So Crane sets out on a journey with Nessa to look for Phryne and uncovers more about the ‘Fractale System’.

My Thoughts:

Dunno, the story sounds alright, maybe slightly boring, but the artwork interests me a lot. It’s A-1 Pictures producing this one. I haven’t seen many of theirs but I have seen a few, and I did like the artworks. To me it looks like traditional oil painting and I quite like it. It also looks like they mixed medieval times with flying machines or something, kinda reminds me of Castle in the Sky. Whatever, I’ll give it a go. Also, here’s some interesting information, a fractal, is a fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts with each being a reduced size copy of the whole. That definition was from Wikipedia, and I know fractal from back when I did A-level maths. So, I wonder if the mathematical fractal shape will have anything to do with this anime.

Will I blog this series? –Unlikely


About a made up European country called Sauville in the year 1924. Story centres around Kazuya Kujo, a third son of a Japanese imperial soldier who is a transfer student at St. Marguerite Academy where urban legends and horror stories are in fashion. He meets Victorique, a mysterious girl who doesn’t go to class and spends her time reading everything in the library and solving mysteries. Kazuya teams up with Victorique and help her with the mysteries.

My Thoughts:

Among other animes, this one looked a more interesting. Not action or romance, a mystery anime, in the olden days no less. I love a good mystery story, I’ve read Sherlock Holmes and loved Case Closed. So this seems interesting enough. And it also seems to include gothic lolita clothing, although that’s only just a few pictures I saw, I think it’s cute.

Will I blog this series? –Likely

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

About a misunderstood girl named Kuronuma Sawako. Because of her shyness she is somehow mistaken for a malevolent person. Though that’s mainly due to her resemblance with Sadako, i.e. the girl from ‘The Ring’. Desperate to make some friends she becomes familiar with the nicest guy in her class called Kazehaya Shouta. And from there, her life improves and a love blossoms.

My Thoughts:

If you look on the ‘about the authors’ page you’ll see that Kimi ni Todoke is one of my all time favourite animes, I loved it from the first episode. So my thoughts will be very biased, but here they are anyway. From the first season I thought it was one of the best heart warming animes I’ve seen. It is a shoujo romance, but I thought this was less typical than most shoujo romances, and I also thought that it was on the level of Clannad without the need for the sheer sadness. It’s just a great anime with a story that’ll make you laugh and leave a warm feeling inside. But I’ll repeat, this is a biased review from me, still, I’d recommend it to everyone.

Will I blog this series? – Definitely, no doubt!

Yumekui Merry

Ten years ago a boy named Fujiwara noticed that he had a power to see multicoloured auras around people’s bodies. Since then he’s been having random dreams of a war with cats. But one day a mysterious girl suddenly falls on top of him.

My Thoughts:

To me this sounds just like a typical ‘girl falls on top of guy’ romcom, but it still interests me, more so than many of the other animes this season. Don’t really have much to say on this, typical anime, looks alright, so why not, it is J.C. Staff, I don’t think they’ll do anything too bad.

Will I blog this series? – Unlikely

There we go, only five is this season really that bad? There’re less than twenty new animes in total and nothing’s interesting apart from the very few which I’ve picked out. And even then I’m probably more than likely only going to be watching 2 or 3, unless the others turn out quite good. Well I guess it’s all for the best, I’ve got exams to do so I can’t do many blogs to start, though I may pick up a few after my exams are over, but that’s unlikely as I’ll still have the normal university work to deal with. I’m continuing with Bakuman of course and Bleach, so not promising anything, but I should be able to pick up two more animes this season to blog. Let’s see how things go then.

My third season in anime blogging. Still enjoying it and having a lot of fun, so let’s just get right down to business then. One thing to note, I probably won’t blog the first two episodes of everything because of time constraints now that I’m at university again, so maybe the first episode or nothing at all if I don’t like it.

Again, not full list, just what interests me. And as always, thank you for reading.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge:

Sequel to Arakawa under the bridge , about a guy named Ichinomiya Kou who lives by a rule of having no debts. But he is saved by a homeless girl who lives under a bridge and so to repay her, he becomes her boyfriend and starts to live with her.

My Thoughts:

One of three sequels that I’m going to be watching this season. Well, it’s quite clear to me that it’s based off a gag manga which means of course not really much of a storyline. That doesn’t bother me too much to watch, it’s a good laugh at times and then a frown at other times. But overall I kinda enjoyed the first season so I’ll keep watching. The romance is still there and is keeping my interested.

Will I blog this series? – Very unlikely


Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito are two classmates at highschool. One day, talented writer, Takagi sees Mashiro’s manga drawing skills and convinces him to draw manga together. Whilst they each have different reasons to push them on, Takagi wants to be a successful mangaka and Mashiro wants to marry the girl of his dreams, they work brilliantly together and set out to be the best mangaka in Japan.

My Thoughts:

Definitely watching, loved the manga, great story with romance, what more could I want right? Nothing more to say, I just hope they can get a good cast together to fit their voices. It’s done by J.C. Staff so I think they’ll do a fine job.

Will I blog this series? – Almost definitely

Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku:

About a male student named Kouhei Hasekura who is transferred to an English styled school on an island off of Japan. He soon discovers that a student called Erika Sendo whose class is next door, is in fact a type of Vampire.

My Thoughts:

The first series this season that I have absolutely no idea what it’s about apart from a short introduction. Looks interesting I guess, dunno why, but I love the name, that and it’s romance, which dragged me into the anime. To be honest, from the artwork I can tell what type of anime it is, so I’m not expecting much and it’s more than likely I’ll drop it if it gets to things I dislike. But I’ve decided to have a look for now.

Will I blog this series? – Very unlikely

Hakuouki  Hekketsu-Roku:

Sequel to Hakuouki, about a girl named Chizuru Yukimura who’s taken into custody by the Shinsengumi. They find out she’s the daughter of someone that they’re looking for, so they keep her alive and search together with her whilst protecting her and fighting for what they believe in.

My Thoughts:

The second sequel I’m gonna be watching. As I said from season one, I’m definitely looking into this. I’m quite interested in what happens next and I loved the action in it. Here’s hoping for a good sequel and some more bishounen fighting action!

Will I blog this series? – Almost definitely

Otome Youkai Zakuro:

The Japanese Meiji Era, but in an alternate world. Humans and a fox-eared girls live separately, but to promote interracial communications they are put together with a delegation of young human soldiers. How would Zakuro’s strong personality fare against human sensibilities?

My Thoughts:

Is it just me, or does one of the main males look like Usui from Maid-sama? Anyway, this looks kinda cute, it’s also got Mai Nakahara in, that was one incentive to want to watch this. Looks very moe, and rather shoujo as well. Not sure on the storyline as I don’t like army things but this could prove interesting.

Will I blog this series? – Somewhat likely

To Aru Majutsu no Index II:

Sequel to To Aru Majutsu no Index, where science fiction collide with fantasy in an academy city which has its main aim to increase a student’s power. Kamijou Touma is a level 0, or rather, someone with no powers, but his ability is to cancel other powers. One day a ‘sister’ drops in on him, her name is Index, and she’s chased by many people. To protect her, Touma delves into the occult world.

My Thoughts:

The first season has to be one of the most confusing and enjoyable animes I’ve watched. After a first watch through I had absolutely no idea what had happened, but I sorta understood it after a second quick watch through. I did enjoy it, the things that made sense to me were very interesting to watch, and when it didn’t make sense I just enjoyed the science fiction/fantasy fighting action scenes. I’m gonna pay more attention in this second season and hopefully understand it from the beginning.

Will I blog this series? – Unlikely


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