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In my recent anime catch up, one of the things I needed to watch was the Detective Conan movie 21. After hearing the Conan main theme numerous times I remembered how really catchy it was. Now whilst the majority of the time it is just BGM, I do remember there was a song version and that’s the one I’m blogging today. Here is Kimi Ga ireba by Iori.

As a follow up to my last update, I did manage to catch up about 2 thirds of the anime I wanted to catch up on. But I’m still quite far behind and so didn’t get the chance to do any of the blogs I wanted to either, namely the Digimon 6th Movie blog. But still, I want to do it in the weekend coming up. Hopefully I will be able to.

I’ve annoyingly been having earaches over the past week and so not been able to listen to many songs. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t remember some old classics. I went to Karaoke last week and of course had to go with some anime classics that I remember. May not be ‘classics’ in the general sense like Cruel Angel Thesis, but something like the first OP of Conan I thought most people would know anyway i.e. Mune ga Dokidoki, but of course that’s already been blogged. So I went for another one of my favourites of the first dozen or so Detective Conan ops, here is Nazo by Miho Komatsu.

Christmas in five days, so everywhere I go I can’t escape from festive music. You can probably guess from my opening line that this SOTW will also be a festive song. Funnily enough Christmas related anime song aren’t aplenty, not that I’ve searched, still I had one in mind from an anime I’m still watching and an artist that has appeared on my SOTW list once before. It isn’t quite a Christmas song, but it has plenty of similarities and that’s enough for me. Here is Winter Bells by Mai Kuraki, the tenth OP for Meitantei Conan

I’ve been falling behind on this season’s anime whilst catching up on Conan, so it’s not surprising for me that this is another Conan song. Since the last time I did an SOTW, I’ve been marathoning it whenever I could and now I’m at episode 705. I’ve been leaving the OP and ED to play every episode so might’ve been easier for me to take a liking to some of them. Since I’ve done 2 OPs so far, I thought it’s only fair I do an ED seeing as I’m actually listening to them here. So here’s one I quite liked, the 44th Conan ED, Koi ni Koishite by Mai Kuraki, also seems oddly fitting for Valentine’s day two days ago.

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And we’re on week 100! Finally into three digits, a long time’s gone by since I started this and as cliché as it is, that seemed like only a week ago. Though then again I can’t remember much from last week. So to commemorate the occasion I wanted to blog a song from a long time ago and after restarting an anime I took a short break on as the Chinese dubs are slow, I thought I’d do one of the openings for it. I think you know which anime what I’m talking about, if you took at look at my watchlist. That’s right, it’s Detective Conan/Case Closed’s first opening, Mune Ga Dokidoki by ↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓ which was released a long 17 years ago. Matches with what I’m watching and matches what I aimed to blog, what more can I ask for and quite a nice song too.


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