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Back in weak 362, a long while ago I know, I did a SOTW on Error by GARNiDELiA. I actually now have the single for that and decided to give the other songs on it a listen to and whilst on a weeklong business trip, I’ve come to really enjoy one of the other songs on the single. Really catchy beat and I dare say on par with how much I enjoy Error. As there’s no other link for it to anime apart from being part of the same single as Error, there’s not much else to say apart from have a listen and hopefully you’ll find it as good and as catchy as I do. Here is Anymore by GARNiDELiA.


This week’s SOTW has literally been my song for the week, as in it’s been in my head so much I’ve played it on loop whenever I get a moment to put some music on. Having blogged about Sawano Hiroyuki before, it’s likely no surprise that I’m a big fan of his music and it always amazes me how he can still keep coming up with great masterpieces.

Sadly this is a song from an anime I haven’t watched, but that’s more because it didn’t catch my attention at the time of release, though it does mean I only roughly understand what the singing is about as Sawano Hiroyuki’s songs relate to the anime itself. Still, even if I don’t understand it fully, I still ‘get’ it. Maybe that’s due to his ‘magic’, but regardless, it’s still a great song that’s full of feeling. Here is aLIEz by Sawano Hiroyuki ft Mizuki, second OP for Aldnoah.Zero.

Feels like it’s been a while since I blogged a song of the same season, think the last one may have been Mahoutsukai. So here is probably my favourite theme of this season, until another one grows enough on me for a SOTW. This particular song also came to my attention because I was listening to a lot of GARNiDELiA as evidenced by my last SOTW, so I thought I will continue that ‘theme’, if you will. You might’ve guessed what it is by now, here is Error by GARNiDELiA.

Three things happened recently that resulted in this song being picked. Firstly I finally managed to watch the Mahouka movie and although I was a little disappointed by the amount of action it showed I still felt it was a good movie. Secondly, as exercise I’ve been trying to learn some dances namely Gokuraku Jodo and Tougen Renka. Thirdly I’ve been very much into Error the OP of Beatless. So put all that together you get a GARNiDELiA song related to Mahouka, so here is Grilletto, the second OP.

So this is late, been so busy since returning to work, I feel like I’ve worked for months already. It’s like my break was a distant memory. In other news I have a new computer which took my Sunday to set up so I was’t able to post this one then. But I’m still around and here is my SOTW, one of the songs I was playing whilst setting up my computer actually. One of those songs that makes you feel inspired, especially given when it was played during the climactic battle in the anime of the final episode. Enjoy Sora wo Koete by Kawada Mami!


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