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Right, I’m not that up to date with the anime scene these days. But this week’s SOTW is a song I’ve been listening to all week. I’ve heard that it’s the theme song for the new No Game No Life movie, but I’ve then also heard that it’s not official even though everywhere I’ve looked says it is. Regardless, the singer is a current anisong singer so even if this song isn’t the new theme it’s anime related enough for me. And if you’re wondering, I do like ‘Blow Out’ from this season and also have her single for ‘Redo’ as well, I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan, but her songs are good, so enjoy.

Here is One Day Sky by Konomi Suzuki.

Update: As I wrote this a week ago, I’ve only recently found out that No Game No Life’s movie theme song will actually be ‘There is a Reason’. This is still a good song and I’m going with this SOTW anyway. And yes, I do write some blogs in advance.

I haven’t bought a Japanese Single CD for quite a while, but recently I bought two. One I bought a couple of weeks ago and one I bought just a few days ago, both of them from the same anime, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Since I like the songs and the anime so much I decided to dedicate this SOTW on one of them. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how good the CD or DVD that it came with it is, because it’s back home over 200 miles away. I was going to bring it down here, but thought there’s not much point in bringing a CD I bought for collection purposes only. But still, doesn’t change how much I like the song, so here’s Akagami no Shirayuki-hime first OP, Yasashii Bokuo by Saori Hayami. Oh also, this time the SOTW is on time (o.o)b, hooray.

Exhausted from the London Expo as you can expect. But I did find some ‘inspiration’ if you will for the SOTW. Didn’t actually see any Rozen Maiden cosplayers, disappointed, but I did buy 2 posters and saw some Shinku figurines. Reminded me of how much I love the anime and manga and so quite simply this week’s SOTW will be Rozen Maiden Traumend’s opening theme, Sei Shōjo Ryōiki by Ali Project.

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“The legendary number 1 headband, it promises power, omnipotence, immortality – but at what cost? One that is greater than any man can imagine and heavier than any man can bear. No soul who has ever worn it’s tattered grace has ever escaped the torment of it’s infinite burden…”

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Ever loved Bleach? Let this opening take you back to an epic moment in anime history.


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