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This song is not because I thought it’d make for an easy week, but I genuinely still listen to RADWIMPS English versions on loop most of my days for the past few weeks. So I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as me. Here is Sparkle by RADWIMPS (English).

I’m sure you’re aware, I was a big fan of ‘Your Name’ as were quite a lot of other people. And I really enjoyed RADWIMPS and blogged Zen Zen Zense a while back. Recently, they released English versions of the songs they sang for the film. This felt like the release of completely new songs for me and I have gone back to listening to them on loop since release. I thought this makes it a great song for SOTW. But I won’t do Zen Zen Zense again, so instead here is Dream Lantern by RADWIMPS.

First of all, Happy New Year all! Thanks for staying with me another year, I really appreciate it!

This is a rare thing that the SOTW is actually a dilemma for me as I have not one, not two, not three, but four songs I want to blog. They are all from ‘Your Name’, which I can’t remember if I said that I went to see at the movies.

Anyways Since returning home for New Year I have been listening to nothing but these four songs from ‘Your Name’s’ OST. I liked the songs when I was at the film but was listening to Welcome to the Fam by EGOIST the majority of the time around then. Now that I’ve shifted away from that, Your Name’s OST caught my ear and these four are now on top of my playlist.

It was a tough decision to choose which one I wanted to blog, but after hearing them all again a few times, I’ve finally decided on one, so here is Zen Zen Zense by RADWIMPS, what some may consider the theme song.


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