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And here it is, the thing my countdown of themes was leading to, the opening to Shokugeki no Soma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-hen.

This series’ return was worth the wait for me, personally, and the ‘Toutsuki Ressha-hen’, as it’s now called, is probably one of the strongest arcs of the manga.

Anyway, video.


Opening Edit:


Wow, before I knew it, it was near the end of the week and this still wasn’t posted yet.

Here it is then, to rectify the problem.

This one’s also a Shokugeki no Soma theme. I love every theme used so far, to be honest, but this one’s currently in my head, since I heard it most recently, what with it being San no Sara’s OP. Cool song, too, to go with a fairly good opening animation.


Opening Edit


Yeah, this one’s late too. I was exhausted this week, so forgive it. That’s what recuperating from a cold, having a goddamn painful shoulder, and having a ridiculously early dentist appointment in between two evening/night shifts will do to you.

Anywho, I continue the Shokugeki no Soma and nano.RIPE theme binge. The second nano.RIPE theme used by Shokugeki no Soma is the ED to San no Sara, or season 3 (more specifically, according to news, the first half of season 3).

I really love the drum lines in nano.RIPE songs, I’ve noticed, as it was also my favourite thing about Snowdrop, as it is in this song. Anyway, onto the video:


Ending Edit:



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