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“I was… waiting indeed, so that I can smash your flesh, blood, sword and soul

…into many, tiny pieces.”

This week in the latest chapter of Bleach… the thing which fans have been waiting for has happened at long last!

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Do not worry. I will kill with my own hands

… Everyone in the rebel army.

This week, the Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto unleashes his fiery wrath.

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Aizen decides not to kill everyone as he wants them to watch him win this battle whilst unable to do anything.

Thinking he’s the only one left, Ichigo moves to attack, but a wall of fire stops him. Seems he forgot Yamamoto. Aizen says that if Yamamoto is to die it would be the end of the Gotei. But Yamamoto is confident.

He strikes first at Aizen, who appears behind him and stabs him. However Yamamoto just smirks and grabs Aizen’s arm. He knows that this is the real Aizen as he recognises the spiritual pressure of the sword that’s just stabbed him. Huge pillars of fire erupt around him, it seems that whilst the captains were being beaten, Yamamoto was setting this up, and says that they will die together in this inferno along with some other captains lying in the vicinity, but they’re all prepared.

But before Yamamoto could initiate this great move something appears behind him. He strikes at it with fire but it has no effect and he is thrown into the ground. Aizen explains that in a head to head fight, Ryujinjakka’s power would definitely win, so he created the thing that just attacked, Wonderwiess, to combat Ryujinjakka by throwing everything else away solely  to seal away Ryujinjakka’s flames.

The flaming pillars die away and Wonderweiss attacks. However, it seems Yamamoto is more than just his sword as he shows off his perfect physique and starts to pummel Wonderweiss to no end. After a relatively short and action packed fight, Yamamoto crushes Wonderweiss to pieces.

Aizen has one more trick up his sleeve. He reminds Yamamoto that Wonderweiss sealed all his flames, and then he asks where Yamamoto thinks it all went and what would happen if it all discharges at once. Yamamoto rushes to Wonderwiess just as his head explodes like a nuclear bomb. He somehow manages to contain the explosion with his body but fall unconscious.

Aizen walks to Yamamoto with the intention of killing him with his own sword. But Yamamoto is actually awake. He grabs Aizen’s leg and initiates Hado ninty-six letting off another huge pillar of fire.

Aizen escapes with singe marks and Ichigo takes this chance to attack.

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