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This is a late post again, hindered by the fact I was working 9 of the last 10 days, but no matter. It’s here now.

I originally wanted to do another song, that I may instead blog next time, but I’ve been on an “old themes” binge recently, and I always liked this ED to ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters’. Not much happens, animation-wise (except a fun little stumble by Yuugi), but the song’s cool. Always enjoyed listening to it after an episode.


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Well, since I dropped off with my ARC-V theme blogs around the 5th ones, I’ll blog the 6th opening as this week’s SOTW, shall I? Incidentally, I really do like this one, and as a plus, the animation for it is pretty cool.

It’s a shame that I did drop off blogging the themes, as the last 2 sets were pretty solid, as far as Yu-Gi-Oh! themes go. But hey, I’m currently watching VRAINS, and its themes are pretty damn good, so will probably get me driven to finally finish watching ARC-V sometime. Who knows?


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This week’s SOTW is a Yu-Gi-Oh! theme again, yes. But this time it’s VRAINS’ 1st Opening. And it’s by the same guy who sang the 2012 JoJo series’ 1st opening, so of course it’s a good song.

So, here’s my two cents about the series so far: I like the premise of a virtual world MMO where all the series’ dueling happens (in fact, I had a similar idea around the time 5D’s was aired for a fanfic that would use that virtual MMO element). The series’ tone and mood is something I can really get behind, being similar to 5D’s’ mood (which I’ve said before is my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! series), and the new summon mechanic is being used well, in my opinion.

The Link Monsters aren’t always a duel-ender (though they usually are), as they have been used as a means to an end to summon something stronger, or to combo together. I prefer this as I hate the over-reliance on one monster and it’s upgraded forms to end duels (looking at DM, GX, 5D’s, ZEXAL and ARC-V here), but we still have loads of episodes to go, so we’ll see.

The main character, Yuusaku Fujiki, is much more of an anti-hero than previous protagonists, which is a plus, as the heroes of YGO! were getting extremely “samey”, which was stagnating the series, to be honest. The rest of the protagonists are likable (although we only have Aoi Zaizen and Gou Onizuka as protagonist duelists at the moment) and the antagonists, Revolver and the Knights of Hanoi, are very much cool-looking enemies. So yeah, I’m positive about it.

Anyway, I’ve been talking way too long, so here’s the opening theme, in all it’s glory:


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This week’s SOTW is inspired by some video game nostalgia.

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Have to say, this is yet another one of those “woke me up” SOTW’s, although it has been in my mind recently.

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