AL-E2-00Episode 2: Melee: Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings


AL-E2-01 Gone fishing

Gone fishing

The Azur Lane HQ suffers from the attack from the Sakura Empire ships; the Manjuu helps in the damage control and retrieves the wounded ships. Prince of Wales and Illustrious look on the devastation commenting that the Sakura Empire using Siren technology is dangerous and that they were lucky to survive by the assistance Enterprise, however they are concerned that Enterprise’s behaviour maybe her downfall.

AL-E2-02 Nice Guns

Nice Guns

Meanwhile, Javelin and Laffey make it to shore, with the latter showing her lethargicness. They are joined by Prince of Wales, Illustrious and Unicorn, who congratulate them for helping out. Javelin tries to talk about Ayanami, but is prevented by Laffey’s tiredness. Cleveland helps in the repairs, guiding the Manjuu, when she spots Enterprise. Enterprise shows signs of injury but shrugs off assistance from Cleveland stating that she can’t let her guard down.

AL-E2-03 Look no hands

Look no hands

Out in the ocean, Akagi tends to Kaga’s injuries when they are joined by Iron Blood, Prinz Eugen. Reports come in that an Eagle Union fleet has been spotted and Akagi asks Prinz Eugen to deal with them, she agrees taking Z23 and Ayanami with her. Ayanami is lost in thought when Z23 tells her that they have to intercept a fleet returning to port. Ayanami is torn between fighting, but Z23 tells her that the mission is important regardless of what they think.

AL-E2-04 To the Rescue

To the Rescue

Javelin and Laffey are having a picnic on the hillside, reflecting on their encounter with Ayanami, when they are joined by Enterprise. Javelin wonders why Enterprise pushes herself, to which she explains that they were born to fight. Laffey states that she won’t work when tired but dislikes it when people pick on her friends. Meanwhile, the Eagle Union fleet (Hammann, Northampton, Helena, Long Island, Arizona and Hornet) are on their way to port when they are ambushed by Zuikaku and Shoukaku.

AL-E2-05 Time for Tea

Time for Tea

Prince of Wales asks for ship to mobilise to assist the fleet but Enterprise has already left. Enterprise, still injured, heads out assisted by Cleveland, Laffey and Javelin. Everyone except Hornet has been taken out. Hornet is then saved by Enterprise, who attacks Zuikaku. Cleveland helps with the injured but they are attacked by Prinz Eugen, Z23 and Ayanami. Meanwhile, HQ gets a phone call from Queen Elizabeth, who is on her way with her fleet and has sent help ahead. Laffey faces off with Z23 and Ayanami, but then backs down after feeling sleepy. Enterprise continues to fight Zuikaku, but her injuries cause her bow to break. Zuikaku seizes her chance to deal a final blow, but Enterprise is saved by a passing maid, Belfast.

AL-E2-06 Just passing by

Just passing by


Sorry this is late, but I have been ill lately and a big decision in work had all my focus. However, I am better now and I had retracted from a big decision in work, which would have me learn a lot of new things whilst losing a lot of other things. Plus, I purchased The Outer Worlds, which I have been playing and I have just started to look at Pokémon Sword, blogging has been pushed back. However, I am not going to let this one slide away like I did with the others.

So the beginning devastation has similarities to the Attack on Pearl Harbour from World War II. Then, the Japanese attacked the US, mirroring the Sakura Empire vs. Eagle Union. This lead to the Doolittle Raid and then Midway (Yes, I did see the historical action film). Enterprise is showing stubbornness which I think comes from the lost or injury of Yorktown, we don’t know her status within the series, but from the battle of Midway during WWII, she was lost. Ayanami is showing signs of that typical enemy that questions her motives and then switches sides. However, she has not done so yet and still serves the Sakura Empire. Well within my game, Laffey was my first starter, followed by Z23 and finally Javelin, who proved to be difficult to get. Most ships I have got, but the likes of Prince of Wales wouldn’t drop or build and I manage to get her recently through a special event. Akagi is the only one that still eludes me; I have both versions of Kaga.

Enterprise needs to break her attitude and stubbornness, which would be her downfall if she carries on. I also see that Javelin and Laffey will not give up on Ayanami, which I think will eventually switch sides, but when in the series is the question. 12 Episodes seems to me quite a short run on this anime and with no info on whether they will do a 2nd season, leaves with 2 possibilities; that they will rush the ending or leave the final episode on a cliff-hanger, which they did with Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. I hope they close out this season with a nice ending, but leaving enough to do a 2nd season. A bit like Fairy Tail’s Final Season.

On a final note, in my Azur Lane Game I have finished the construction of Monarch and now have move on to Roon, but I still don’t have enough blueprints to enhance her fully yet. Also I am still grinding to get Akagi and yet she still doesn’t want to drop on 3-4 and the last go, I only got another Yorktown. I will just have to keep on trying, my luck has to change soon.