So this is my first Song of the Week and I want to kick this off in style! Something that sounds bad-ass with insane riffs and from an equally awesome anime. Crossing Field by LisA is my choice this week from the brilliant Sword Art Online anime which is being reviewed by our very own Lucretia!

So for those of you loyal readers tuning in each week for Lucretia’s review of Sword Art Online will already  know of the anime but let me give you a short summary – A teenager, Kirito, gets stuck inside a virtual reality MMO by some maniacal genius and has to fight his way through many bosses to escape. He makes friends and foes alike along this twisted journey as well as finding his one true love Asuna. Sounds pretty Shounen right? Well you’re not wrong there, but all Shounen enthusiasts will know that a good opening accompanies the anime.

So what makes this song so good? Well, if you’ve been reading SoTW here then you will know that some true classics has been spotlighted such as Week 70 – Sorairo Days by Shoko Nakagawa which is of course the opening to Gurren Lagann. When I first heard the opening at my anime society, I instantly got chills from the awesomeness of the anime before having even started watching the anime. Those guitar riffs and the beautiful singing just brought the anime forward on a different level. This is the feeling I get when listening Crossing Field by LisA who is such a fantastic singer in her own right.

But hey, why listen to me and take my word? Take a listen for yourself!