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Following on from my last SOTW featuring the first OP of Re:Creators, it just so happens the second OP was also released and you can definitely call me a fan. Enough so that I actually tweeted the opening line of the song which got a like from the vocalists so thank you very much if you’re reading this! With that in mind, I can’t not blog the second OP as well, here is sh0ut by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tielle & Gemie.

This week’s SOTW is a Yu-Gi-Oh! theme again, yes. But this time it’s VRAINS’ 1st Opening. And it’s by the same guy who sang the 2012 JoJo series’ 1st opening, so of course it’s a good song.

So, here’s my two cents about the series so far: I like the premise of a virtual world MMO where all the series’ dueling happens (in fact, I had a similar idea around the time 5D’s was aired for a fanfic that would use that virtual MMO element). The series’ tone and mood is something I can really get behind, being similar to 5D’s’ mood (which I’ve said before is my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! series), and the new summon mechanic is being used well, in my opinion.

The Link Monsters aren’t always a duel-ender (though they usually are), as they have been used as a means to an end to summon something stronger, or to combo together. I prefer this as I hate the over-reliance on one monster and it’s upgraded forms to end duels (looking at DM, GX, 5D’s, ZEXAL and ARC-V here), but we still have loads of episodes to go, so we’ll see.

The main character, Yuusaku Fujiki, is much more of an anti-hero than previous protagonists, which is a plus, as the heroes of YGO! were getting extremely “samey”, which was stagnating the series, to be honest. The rest of the protagonists are likable (although we only have Aoi Zaizen and Gou Onizuka as protagonist duelists at the moment) and the antagonists, Revolver and the Knights of Hanoi, are very much cool-looking enemies. So yeah, I’m positive about it.

Anyway, I’ve been talking way too long, so here’s the opening theme, in all it’s glory:


Opening Edit:


With Re:Creators hitting the second OP theme, I thought this would be a good time to blog the first OP. For some anime, the OP theme is a big factor in determining whether or not I watch it, I’m sure it’s the same for many of you too. For Re:Creators this was the case it’s a really nice mellow dramatic song, if you get what I mean. And as my last SOTW was Sawano Hiroyuki, why not follow the theme right? So here is gravityWall by Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tielle & Gemie.

This week’s SOTW is the opening for another anime this past season that I was watching – Ren’ai Boukun.

I love the manga, and the anime did some fair justice to it. Despite mashing together two plots an episode in some cases, it flowed well, the seiyuu were great and it was great to get to know the characters I love all over again.

The opening theme is a nice addition, as it gives the series that little bit of character (with an annoyingly catchy and fun song) that necessitated the series becoming an anime.

So, here’s the theme.


OP Edit


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Yes, this is very late this week, deal with it. I’ve been working non-stop, then got hit by a cold the same way I’d assume I’d be hit by a truck, then worked non-stop through it. And this is the first reprieve I’ve had.

And it’s the ED theme to Busou Shoujo Machievellianism, because I love the series so much. Enjoy.


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