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With this week’s SOTW I hope to bring everyone a little bit of energy and fun on this Sunday afternoon with the cutesy anime OP of this season. Not much really to be said except that when I first saw this I thought it looked like another Lucky Star, and I was well up for that. It wasn’t quite another Lucky Star, probably more on the cutesy side and also slightly more story, but hey, I came here for the relaxed watching and a lot of moe. I got what I want. Here is  OP, A E I U E O Ao!! by Gekidan Hitotose.

Yes, this is late. You know the drill by now, I don’t have to explain why.

Anyway, this week’s is my favourite OP from the current season of series: Busou Shoujo Machievellianism’s OP. Might be my favourite series of the current season too, not too sure.

I’ll just dump some video links here and then sleep, as I have more work tomorrow. Enjoy.


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I’ve annoyingly been having earaches over the past week and so not been able to listen to many songs. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t remember some old classics. I went to Karaoke last week and of course had to go with some anime classics that I remember. May not be ‘classics’ in the general sense like Cruel Angel Thesis, but something like the first OP of Conan I thought most people would know anyway i.e. Mune ga Dokidoki, but of course that’s already been blogged. So I went for another one of my favourites of the first dozen or so Detective Conan ops, here is Nazo by Miho Komatsu.

I mentioned that the only redeeming feature of Handshakers was the OP, so I thought this would make for a good SOTW. And I guess I wanted to also say that it wasn’t horrendously bad. I actually enjoyed some of the battle sequences, when it wasn’t hurting my head and making me dizzy. Sadly though, that’s kind of it. That and I also can’t think of much else for this week’s SOTW. Still though, it’s a good song, so enjoy! Here is One Hand Message by OxT.


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