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Three things happened recently that resulted in this song being picked. Firstly I finally managed to watch the Mahouka movie and although I was a little disappointed by the amount of action it showed I still felt it was a good movie. Secondly, as exercise I’ve been trying to learn some dances namely Gokuraku Jodo and Tougen Renka. Thirdly I’ve been very much into Error the OP of Beatless. So put all that together you get a GARNiDELiA song related to Mahouka, so here is Grilletto, the second OP.


A week or two ago, whilst I was searching through series on Crunchyroll, I came across Black Clover, a series I recognised from one or two chapters of the manga. So I thought: “Hey me, you’ve got an hour and a half free. Why don’t you read the first 100 or so chapters of manga, then watch the first episode and get stuck into this series?”

So I did. I now love Black Clover.

‘PAiNT it BLACK’ is the 2nd opening to the series, and is the current opening at the time of this post. It’s a great theme, and whilst it’s pretty even with the 1st opening musically (for me anyway), the animation puts it higher, in my opinion. It gives more animation time to characters other than Asta, Yuno and Noelle, and really starts to show off some of the great characters that appear in this series.

Anyway, on to the video:


Opening Edit


I’m just going to say that work has been too hectic recently so apologies for another late SOTW. I try to be on time as much as possible but sometimes that’s just not doable with work and how tired I am afterwards. But the important part is that I will post it!

So I started becoming aware of Bump of Chicken after completing Final Fantasy Type 0 and thought their theme song was great. I then took the recommendation to marathon Kekkai Sensen over the Christmas holidays. Whilst I didn’t enjoy it that much because I didn’t get what was going on, I did enjoy the OP theme and was told that season 2 was much better. So I plan to marathon that next time I have a long holiday, in any case here is Hello World by Bump of Chicken!

Yeah, this one’s late too. I was exhausted this week, so forgive it. That’s what recuperating from a cold, having a goddamn painful shoulder, and having a ridiculously early dentist appointment in between two evening/night shifts will do to you.

Anywho, I continue the Shokugeki no Soma and nano.RIPE theme binge. The second nano.RIPE theme used by Shokugeki no Soma is the ED to San no Sara, or season 3 (more specifically, according to news, the first half of season 3).

I really love the drum lines in nano.RIPE songs, I’ve noticed, as it was also my favourite thing about Snowdrop, as it is in this song. Anyway, onto the video:


Ending Edit:


This week’s SOTW has a backstory for being chosen:

For Christmas, a friend got me a 3 month subscription to Crunchyroll. I’ve never really looked at the service, because I work pretty much all the time, so don’t see a time I’d actually use it, but I thought “Since I’ve got it, I’ll binge watch Shokugeki no Soma”, since I love the manga so much.

Goddamn, that’s a good anime. I’m now up to date with it, and all of the OP and ED themes have been stuck in my head for a week and a half. Specifically, nano.RIPE have a great pair of ED themes, this one being my preferred song of choice. This is the ending to Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: Ni no Sara, ‘Snowdrop’.


Ending Edit


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