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ED: Uchiyoserareta Boukyaku no Zankyou ni by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund

Episode 1: The Princess Who Loves Bones


Let's keep staring at the dead cat and not do anything

Let’s keep staring at the dead cat and not do anything

Tatewaki Shoutarou is on his way to school when he comes across a dead cat outside the school. Opting to bury it, he asks for help, but only Kougami Yuriko steps up to help him. After school, Shoutarou heads to Kujou Sakurako’s home.

I can see the back of your head

I can see the back of your head

Later, Shoutarou goes with Sakurako and tells her about the cat. Sakurako drives to the beach to search for bones. She promises the boy if he finds any bones, she would treat him to some shrimp. Shoutarou digs around and eventually unearths a human skull.



Sakurako is happy to find the skull and intends to keep it, but Shoutarou phones the police. Upon the police arriving Sakurako explains to Officer Utsumi Hiroki that they won’t catch the killer as the skull is from a woman who lived a hundred years ago.

You need freshening up

You need freshening up

On the way to the police station to give a statement. Sakurako forces Utsumi to stop at another crime scene. Sakurako analyses that the double suicide is in fact a double homicide and that Sakurako’s Uncle helped the police on cases until he retired due to illness.

Is it just me or is everything purple?

Is it just me or is everything purple?

Later at the station, Utsumi finishes the statement but wants to know how Sakurako knew the double suicide was a double homicide. She explains that the knot was tied by someone else; drowning causes the person to claw at things and the lack of mucus around the mouth, which would have been present in a drowning. Hence, this was a double murder not a double suicide.

Which one's stupid?

Which one’s stupid?

Upon leaving to make a phone call, Sakurako is found to have nabbed the skull from earlier. Sakurako leaves empty handed with Shoutarou, who doesn’t get his shrimp treat. However, is treated to a fried chicken feast made by Sawa Ume; Sakaurako’s housekeeper, who also gives Shoutarou some shrimp left by Sakurako’s aunt.

I'm in trouble

I’m in trouble


Ok, after a year (and a bit) I am back blogging. This anime was interesting for me because I watched another TV series called ‘Bones’ which of course is another investigative series. I like Sakurako’s character compared to Dr. Brennan’s character from ‘Bones’ because Brennan is lacks the compassion and is too dry, but as a new mother maybe she would grow a spine and possibly a heart. Sakurako has that comical personality in which she tried to sneak off with the skull and that she tried to argue her side but is put down by Shoutarou’s evil glare. I hope to see more of this Shoutarou and Sakurako’s relationship, but it needs a underlining story that runs the length of the series than a just each episode a crime solving, which would be good but make get old after a while.