School Trip Time/ 2nd Period


Karasuma sends a new assassin by the name of Red Eye, a sniper, to go after Koro during the school trip. The plan is for the students to lure Koro into sniperable spots and then shoot him but three such attempts took place and three failures. The fourth attempt was called off as this was when the kidnapping event occured and Koro had to rush off.

Later in the evening Koro greets ‘Red Eye’ and invites him out for a meal. He thanks him as because of him all the students have done a lot of research into Kyoto’s geography and buildings for good sniper spots helping them learn about the city. And after this friendly chat, ‘Red Eye’ starts thinking of his future.

Later in the evening the students tries to peek at Koro whilst he’s taking a bath, but he gets away.

Meanwhile, the girls and boys start talking about who likes who with Koro interrupting both and running off.

He then appears at Karasuma’s room saying that he nearly spilt the beans on his love life and Karasuma asks about if his stories are from when Koro only had 2 arms and legs.

With the world still very much in danger, governments of the world have sent two more assassin to class E, each one of them with abilities enhanced by science to superhuman levels.


More new characters next episode by the looks of things. Though, with that I’m not sure where the story’s heading again. We’ve had two episodes of fairly relaxed episodes without much purpose if I’m honest, definitely not last episode, and this episode this ‘red eye’ came and went in half an episode.

Of course this isn’t a bad thing as it was a very enjoyable episode and I’m not saying that this anime must have a story, I just wonder and thought that with the headmaster situation there would be more story to that at least. But hey, if this anime wants to continue on these wacky hilarious and unique twists on cliché anime comedy then I’m all for it. Like the latter half of this episode where the cliché peeking and male and female class ‘trip talks’ scenes were given a fresh take thanks to Koro making it a much less eye rolling event but a more comical and interesting event.

One thing that’s come to mind though is after destroying the world, what next? I think I actually have mentioned this before, or at least I felt like I’ve written something like this before. But anyway, I’ll repeat if I have, though the context may be different. It feels like the whole revenge thing, after you seek and complete your vengeance on someone, what next? I assume Koro has other plans but nothing has hinted at such and it makes you wonder. Still though, so far everything points to the destruction being a ruse only. Maybe when he says destroy he means make better, like his grooming?

I also love how everything in the end for Koro comes back to being for the students. For their studying and well being, and again he mentions about brightening their lives which added to why I think it’s a ruse. They’ll have no lives if you destroy the world.

Irina’s gotten too used to being called bitch sensei, she surprised me for only being 20. That would explain a lot of her actions. I think I’ve said she doesn’t seem to be acting professional and if anything a little immature and childish. Well, if she’s only 20, then that wouldn’t be surprising. One would’ve expected her to be much older with all the experience she has though. She probably tell her assassination targets that she’s older than 20, as I feel that for some of her targets 20 would be a little young even for them.

With a quick and fairly ‘brushed aside’ remark from Karasuma we get a huge revelation that Koro used to only have two arms and legs. As much as I would’ve wanted Karasuma to say more, I think that leaving it at that is all it needed. From that we can at least assume he used to be much more humanoid and probably many of us think the same as me, i.e. he used to be human. And he became like this because of some sort of experiment? It’s not impossible as that would give a reason for wanting to destroy the world and falling in love with a human girl. It would explain a few things, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll go into it here, however they’ve planted that seed now and I’m even more interested in his past.