Love and Flame


Another power user is discovered, this one can channel dead human spirits and also have pyrokinesis. Her name is Yusa Nishimori, a teenage idol.

They chase down a suspicious looking person who’s apparently been hired to find Yusa. They then meet another person who, after proving to him their abilities, lead them to Yusa.

After chatting with her, it becomes apparent that Misa, her sister who died 6 months ago, comes to posses her without her knowing. Her personality becomes moody and aggressive and this is where her pyrokinesis comes from, her sister.

The reason’s Yusa is chased is because she accidently took home a phone from work which had secret dealings on it that would put her producer behind bars. If they return it they probably won’t be let off the hook, but if they give it to the police, that would probably ruin Yusa’s career. So Tomori comes up with a plan.

They have Yusa return the phone and as they do, Misa takes control and with the others, take out the producer’s bodyguards with their abilities. And then Misa threatens him with annihilation at any unsuspecting moment. So the producer runs for the hills.

After a farewell from Misa to her two helpers, Yusa agrees to transfer to Hoshinoumi.


I had my tissues ready for this episode, but it looks like they’ve gone for a softer approach this time with a death that’s already happened and a lesson in superpower blackmail. I felt it was done quite well. Using the full extent of their incomplete powers to create something that was actually pretty good in terms of making their powers look more complete and deadly. I found it very well thought out and a lot of fun.

We’re introduced to the final main character from the poster pictures. She adds to the mix a very cliché pure cutesy moe idol type character, but as a complete contrast to that we get a, quite literally, fiery tempered sister that can possess her at any given moment who passed away.

I’ll be very disappointed if by transferring it means Misa never visits again as I don’t think I can take too much of that cutesy idol character for long. The complete opposite character that could pop up at any moment was a great idea, it breaks up the flow and adds an unpredictable dimension to her personality. This makes an overly cliched character actually interesting and I whilst I don’t dislike overly cliched characters, I don’t particularly like them either.

I like Yuu’s sister for a similar reason, that through the depressing stories, she’s still always upbeat and adds some light heartedness to the show. And of course I think she’s also very much a part of why Yuu’s been able to make the change from villain to good guy.

I also like the new interesting companion item with Tomori, a camera. I wouldn’t say appropriate for any matter, hence why it’s interesting. But apart from to record evidence and catch people off guard I wonder if the camera has any deeper meaning to it? To capture the moments of your youth perhaps? After all it’s not everyday you can enjoy highschool with superpowers.

With all the ‘main’ characters now introduced and the scene set, I’m curious as to how the story will play out. So far the ‘story’ seems to be about saving/threatening others with abilities out of danger. And if we keep on going like this, it’ll just be episodic storylines without an overarching goal that we’re moving to. Which I’m not that unhappy with, however I’m assume some bigger plot will get developed soon. I don’t think we’ll be kept in the dark for too long regarding the mystery benefactor which should be an interesting plot point, and perhaps plot twist.