Shining Time of Promise


Shirayuki is invited into the palace by Mitsuhide and Kiki to help cheer Zen up who’s buried under work and in a bad mood.

Although because of her constant appearances, Shirayuki starts attracting some unwanted attention from others in the palace. One of them is Lord Haruka who doesn’t want Zen to meet up with random ‘outsiders’ due to his position. Haruka is also concerned that this outsider might start making unnecessary requests of Zen e.g. to selfishly ‘upgrade’ her social status. Though knowing how hard Shirayuki’s working for her exams, he’s certain this isn’t the case.

An order is given for Shirayuki to be barred from the palace, but this is just after Shirayuki was let in and overhears. She decides to speak with Zen once more. Even though she was shot at by a warning arrow by Lord Haruka’s ‘helper’, she continues. She does meet up with Zen eventually and tells him that she will confront the person who doesn’t want her there.

The confrontation happens quickly as she runs into Lord Haruka who draws his sword proclaiming her an intruder. Even at the mercy of a sword, Shirayuki stands strong and Haruka remembers what Zen said about Shirayuki and backs down.

Zen walks out having heard everything and clears all the problems. Haruka’s helper’s name is Obi who is escorted away by Mitsuhide and Kiki. Shirayuki tells Zen that she’s decided to apply for the position of a palace Herbalist, Zen says he’ll wait for her.


This episode we have another obstacle blocking Shirayuki’s way, the palace. And yet again we are given a showcase of Shirayuki’s strong will. Putting out the statement, that is quickly becoming prominent, that she can sort out her own problems. Again she doesn’t ask for Zen’s help and decides to confront Haruka herself to make him change his mind about her.

Like always though, we can see Zen so anxious to help but he’s more and more accepting of Shirayuki’s personality and is content with staying on the sidelines knowing that she can sort her own problems.

Perhaps that’s what’s attracting him to her so much, according to Haruka, girls like her are rarity and he could just be drawn in by that. Which leads me to talk about the romance. I feel that Shirayuki’s feelings towards Zen have improved a little, although I’m not sure if it’s a friendly or a romantic one. On the other side of this relationship however, Zen’s feelings appears to have grown, as I said, perhaps due to Shirayuki’s strong personality. I like this pairing and do hope that Shirayuki’s not going to be too focused on what’s ahead of her and have a look around as well, though don’t get me wrong, career is very important but I hardly think she’ll look away from her goals too much anyway.

With, hopefully, her opposition now out of the way, we can finally continue the story and she can show off her hard work and pass the herbalist exam. The scene has been set and her personality is firmly established. She’s been in harm’s way for three episodes straight now, another one would just get boring and be a repeat, so no more of that I’m hoping.

It was an interesting exchange from Haruka and his helper Obi this episode. I was thinking that surely no matter Shirayuki’s standing, shooting an arrow, for whatever reason, at the prince’s guest is surely an offence of some kind. I’m glad Shirayuki took Haruka down a notch. I mean sure back in that era status was everything, but watching it now we all love those people who use their status to bully people taken down.

Another conflict and another resolution. A somewhat slow episode, but we’re still early on and I’m quite happy with establishing the characters. Although after 3 episodes of introductions, I think we can start moving forwards. The current palace herbalist shows again next episode and I’ll be interested in what kind of relationship Shirayuki will have with him who appears to be a child.