Moment of Earnest


Yusa transfers to Houshinoumi, and as expected, causes a huge stir amongst the students.

The next power user is located, a telekinesis user. Tomori believes the person to be this baseball pitcher that she’s been keeping an eye on. This person throws amazing curveballs even though the grip he uses for the throw is for straightballs. So it’s likely that he’s using telekinesis to move the ball.

As usual they visit the school and Tomori bluntly puts out the risks to the ability user that it’ll disappear into adulthood and he may be captured if people find out. He refuses. So Tomori challenges his baseball team to a match against Houshinoumi’s baseball team with the winner doing what they want.

Tomori plans to field a team of ability users, and since it’s on home turf no one will know. And Yusa is there to help get everyone’s morale up.

The game plays out very even with neither team scoring runs until the final round where Houshinoumi inches ahead at 2 to 1.

The guy wanted to use his ability so the catcher, who he believes is an excellent catcher, will be noticed by the pros. But Tomori convinces him that people will notice even without the use of abilities.


I forgot that actually Houshinoumi hosts students who have and do not have powers. I was hoping to see a team of superpowered baseball players. Then of course I remembered that actually those with powers are all in the student council, the others only have the potential to develop powers.

Also, I’d like to say that I have no idea on the rules of baseball so don’t have a clue on the terminology to use. You’ll have to excuse me there, my knowledge of the majority of sports is poor overall. Although seeing as how Jun Maeda seems to adore baseball maybe I should read up on it so that I can comment on a baseball episode he does for his next series, you know there’s going to be one.

So, Tomori’s camera is a high speed camera? Interesting detail, now I see why she was worried that it could’ve been damaged in the previous bout . I assume those kind of cameras cost a lot.

And yet again we have a very episodic storyline using the formula from previous episodes. Locate super power person, actually find him, he has some secret motive to keep using his powers, they fail to convince him to stop using his powers, does something to change his mind and convince him eventually. Whilst this is fine, I do hope it doesn’t continue for too long. I mean I do like the silliness of parts of it like when Takajou went splat into the wall again. It’s not quite gotten old yet, but I’d like something bigger to develop soon.

This kind of thing always happens in the first couple of episodes as we get used to the characters and the type of ‘roles’ they play. I am well aware and don’t mind it. Just as long as it doesn’t continue to be like this for the rest of the season. But of course being Jun Maeda, I’m very certain he’s got some melodramatic plot to bring the atmosphere into despair…

So yeah, not much happens this episode, another short find and ‘fix’ someone. The only thing that was of any interest happened at the end when Tomori wanted to ‘test’ something out. We unfortunately didn’t see anything though, we only saw Yu return to his own body. I’d like to think this will turn into a bigger plot line at a later date, so hopefully a set up for something. I can only guess that it perhaps has something to do with either how abilities work on other ability users, or that Yu’s ability is failing.