Secret Identity Time


Kayano reveals her true identity as the sister of Yukimura Aguri, Yukimura Akari and calls Koro a murderer. She sets a trap for Koro but even after revealing her tentacles she still fails to kill him. So she runs off and will try again the next day.

Yukimura Aguri was class E’s last teacher, and Kayano, or rather Yukimura Akari, was an acting prodigy who had disappeared from the entertainment industry and kept up a facade in the class whilst waiting for an opportunity.

The tentacles, like Itona, would’ve caused her intense pain, but she had managed to keep all that hidden with her acting ability and infiltrated the class.

Her murderous intent comes from witnessing Koro with blood on his hands next to her dead sister when she was going to see her one day at her lab which exploded. There were vials scattered around and Akari discovered that they were tentacle seeds. Even at the cost of her pain, she took the seeds into her.

She played the part perfectly, creating a ‘main’ character for others to focus on so that she could become a side character and draw no attention.

Koro promises to tell everyone about his past, but he wants the entire class to hear so everyone goes with Koro to meet Akari for their battle. With her tentacles alight and her mind deteriorating, Akari wants to kill but she actually wants to be saved from her pain.


You’ll be surprised to hear that after the initial surprise of Kayano’s secret identity from a side character to a side antagonist, I wasn’t that interested in much else. What I was more interested in was the fact that we seem to be getting closer to the origin of Koro and the truth of why he wanted to start teaching.

Not gonna make the old type of predictions I like to make, but if the anime is going a ‘traditional’ or ‘standard’ type of predictable back story it probably goes something like this: Koro was created from the tentacle super human project thing, he was originally a human who had suffered intensely and turned into a monster by the project. Hence why now hates the world and will destroy it and started with the facility, but agrees with the woman that he killed, probably by accident, to at least teach 3-E for a year. Sounds fairly plausible in my view.

Also the only reason I’m not particularly interested in Kayano’s change ‘back’ to Akari is because it came out of nowhere. Sometimes a surprise out of thin air is good, sometimes it isn’t. This for me was the latter.

It wasn’t previously hinted in any way shape or form and the explanation about being a famous actress and so hid in the background as a side character could’ve literally applied to any other character in the class who haven’t had a backstory yet. So the entire thing feels a little ‘too’ surprising, almost as if assclass ran out of ideas and suddenly decided to pull one out the bag. Hence why I’m not that into this story. However I’ll eagerly be waiting on Koro’s story.


1. Episode 15 is delayed due to the earthquake last week in Japan

2. I decided to take the easy route and I’m only going to blog the one anime this season i.e. assassination classroom. There are a few reasons for this, not just me being lazy. Firstly work has been ridiculous lately, i.e. working my usual 9-5, then staying extra until 7 ish, go home have dinner and then continue working until bedtime. So I’ve not been able to do any blogging until the weekend and even then I want to catch up on anime and watch league during the weekend, so I’m finding it difficult to find the time.

Secondly, I do have my final exam coming up, it’s looming it’s ugly head and my course starts in May so I’ll soon have to start looking into it and have even less time for my blogging.

Thirdly, the new digimon tri ‘movie’ aired a while ago and I’ve been meaning to get that blog up for a while. So if I add more to that I definitely don’t think I can finish it anytime soon. Whilst that’s on my list it’s a higher priority.

And lastly, the only anime i was interested in blogging was Ace Attorney and it turns out it looks to be following how the game went. Yes I can’t remember how exactly the game story went, but I remember the jist of it. And because of that I don’t feel comfortable blogging it.