Swordcraft Academy


Two years pass in game, both Kirito and Eugeo are now enrolled at Swordcraft Academy as pages for the current graduating class.

Kirito explains more of the mechanics of the world and the Object and System Control Authority levels with the former to wield weapons and items and the second to use sacred arts. But the interesting mechanic is the power of mental imagery. For example if you have the confidence and mental fortitude, you can come out on top of any situation as this imagery positively affects your physical and mental state and abilities.

Kirito’s current mentor is Sortiliena Serlut, the 2nd seat of her year, but graduation is soon. After training together with Kirito for so long she knows that Kirito is still holding back and wants to see his full powers before she graduates. Kirito agrees but asks for her to wait a day.

As Eugeo wields the Blue Rose Sword, Kirito visits the blacksmith to pick up his own sword, the Night Sky Sword, forged from the tip of the Gigas Cidar that they carried all the way here.

After trying out the sword in a field he accidentally splats first seat Volo Levantein with a bit of mud and is provoked into a duel.


I’ve not read the novel, but I am aware of the storyline in the novel and reading reddit helps me fill the gaps of what I’ve missed if the anime skips stuff, like this episode. If you’re anime only then you, like me, probably won’t know that the journey to get enrolled into the Swordcraft Academy, i.e. the sword tournament that they had a flashback of in Zakkaria, took an entire chapter in one of the volumes of the light novel. Apparently some interesting things were noted in that episode like how to avoid the Taboo Index rules if you can think of a way to do what you want but not specifically violate any rules and also a character that we probably won’t ever see.

So we’re back in Underworld and the pacing has resumed its slowness. That said, whilst we did miss some things, we are introduced to and offered explanations of what the three main stats of every person means and the also Vangurd-esque imagery power boosts. My initial thought is that, at least this way they have an explanation for all the silly stuff that Kirito can do as a shounen protagonist due to sheer willpower as there’s a mechanic for it. I prefer things in more stable metrics like numbers in stats and levels, but hey I’m an accountant so I’m biased. I guess if you’re going down the route of determination and willpower winning every fight you may as well give it an actual mechanic. Unlike the eye-rolling Kirito events at the end of the Aincrad arc… Not to say that this mechanic itself isn’t eye-rolling in itself…

Otherwise it’s mainly a character introductions and scene setting episode as I assume this school arc will be with us for the foreseeable future episodes. I’m disappointed that Gorgolosso didn’t get much of an introduction after mentioning him, I assume that means he’ll have little to no part to play. Speaking of characters with parts to play, I hope Liena sticks around for a while as she seems like a good ally, especially as the anime’s made it very clear who Kirito and Eugeo’s enemies will be. I feel like they don’t even attempt to hide who the bad guys are, those foul mouthed people in the canteen, Humbert and Raios prove it, assuming they’ll end up being the antagonists. Though, being the same year, don’t see eye to eye with Kirito and Eugeo, standard stuck up nobles and the menacingly looking out window scene, practically solidifies them as the villains.

Anyway, we’re back in VR mode and straight into the action, next episode sadly, so hopefully we’ll get a good show considering the guy Kirito is facing is considered the best in the school and he just got his new sword.