Maji Love 2000%

Note: Yes everyone, I’m back from holiday. A day late because my first out of 3 flights was cancelled/12 hours delayed. So had to wait in 2 separate hotels in two cities in China before getting back. As you may expect I’m jet lagged and half dead. Need to sleep it off after a few nights. But for now I’ll finish off last season’s blogs and then get to catch up on Vanguard. After that I’ll catch up on Rozen Maiden which I’ve decided to blog as it’s the second season of the manga and the story I wanted. So yeah, still quite busy at the moment, need to sort things out, like unpack for one thing then I’ll get to blogs. That does mean I’m going to give tomorrow’s SOTW’s to Raven and then start my month of SOTWs and catching up. So bye for now and I’ll start my catch up on Vanguard on Monday.

Key Events

With an impressive start and the support of the crowd, Heavens boldly requests that this concert be turned into a Heavens’ concert.

The plan that Shining had by letting Heavens use Haruka’s songs was to see if a wave that fills everyone with joy that he calls the ‘Happy Pulse’ would disappear if Haruka’s songs were arranged by someone else. He’s been searching for a wave like this for many years and he’s found it.

Back in the dressing room, Heavens declares a premature victory and wants to take Haruka now. She refuses and believes that Starish sing her songs best. After Heavens leave, they hear the crowd outside calling for them and gladly take the stage.

After the performance finishes everyone lights up in pink as the ‘Happy Pulse’ engulfs the entire stadium sending everyone into bliss.

The scores are tallied and unsurprisingly Starish comes out the winner. They also stop the dissolution of Heavens and give an encore and perform Maji Love 1000%.


A pretty predictable finish, I honestly don’t know what to say for the happy pulse thing… I guess for one thing it’s pretty ludicrous and another it seems like something they pulled out of nowhere so Starish can win and even then the score was still close. The happy pulse seems like some sort of class A drug, I mean look at the expression on some of the people’s faces, it’s hilarious. Sure songs can bring happiness and other emotions, but that’s somewhat of an overstatement, a hilarious one too, I can’t get over how funny it is and here I thought only Shining in this show could get weird. The scene where the pulse spread out into the universe reminded me of the final fight of Gurren Lagann when the robots were throwing galaxies around… that’s how crazy I thought it was.

Of course Starish would be the nice guys and stop the dissolution of Heavens though I thought Raging’s pride would get the better of him and he’d force the dissolution to happen no matter what. And it also takes Starish to say the cliché there are no winners or losers in music.

Series itself was fun enough, but I have to say it certainly wasn’t anything special. A pretty standard otome game anime. The second season introduced Cecil, delved slightly deeper into all of the characters backgrounds and backstories and also tried to get Cecil involved with everyone as what I saw as a ‘fitting in’ process for him. It was fun and mostly comical if not, happy at least, nothing overly emotional and nothing overly serious. Heavens were the only sorta villains and even then they didn’t really overdo it, they did it enough to get us to dislike them and want Starish to win but never ‘crossed the line’ meaning they were still kinda likable in the end, at least for me. That may have been the aim anyway. Heavens were introduced very late so the anime couldn’t really do much with them anyway, overall it was pretty relaxed throughout. All the songs were good, I enjoyed the majority of them but probably only Maji Love 2000% will leave any lasting impressions on me.

I think the anime played it too safe, though perhaps that’s how the game was too, I wouldn’t know. Either way, it was good, not great, not poor, enjoyable but plain and I don’t deem it worthy to recommend. I kinda liked it because of that, but because of that you never ‘looked forward’ to the next episode to find out what happens as the episodes were separate stories and detached from each other. But I don’t mind that as it achieved what I felt this anime needed to achieve which was being a relaxing anime that you’re not desperately waiting to watch so I can leave it there and watch it at my leisure.

However, the songs I would recommend. So yeah, I’d say I’m quite satisfied in almost all aspects with the series, I think if they introduced Heavens earlier it would’ve at least created some more tension and more urge to watch, that would be the only thing I didn’t like, that their rivals were introduced too late. Oh yeah, and that Cecil’s thing was settled too quickly and didn’t even give me time to worry before he came back. Which is going back to the anime playing too safe, but that’s all I’d say I’d change.