Tale 3

Key Events

The cancellation notice also states that the rest of the parts should be retrieved from the N-field. The ‘magazine people’ have tried but Kirakisho has made it too difficult for them.

The highschool Jun finally texts the older Jun whilst he’s at work telling him that he must rebuild and awaken Shinku as only Jun Sakurada can. So the highschool Jun gave this task to the older Jun so that it wouldn’t be found out by Kirakisho. Highschool Jun texts instructions so older Jun calls a sickie and starts sewing Shinku’s clothes. There starts a flashback of why Jun never went to highschool as his talent for dress making and design was abnormal.

Jun takes another day off to finish the clothing. After he does, highschool Jun tells him to find the other parts. He falls asleep after the text and pulled into the N-field as he’s been found by Kirakisho. He wakes up on a mountain of fake doll parts, highschool Jun tells him that he’s been found and needs to hurry and find the real parts to wake Shinku up.

Flashes of ‘inspiration’ helps him find the right parts and Shinku is reborn. Now, he needs to defend himself.


So the girl has a name. Saitou is it, now she seems like she could be important in the series. Potential love interest definitely being the opposite sex and pretty much the only person that interacts with him, everything points in that direction at the moment. I’m always interested when there’s romance and now that this series is hopefully focusing on Jun more I’m very interested in how this relationship develops. And most importantly what she will think when she sees magical moving dolls that try to kill each other.

I thought getting the scene where he found Shinku’s parts was a little unbelievable. I was expecting them to float up somewhere or glow brightly to make it dramatic and appear like a light guiding his way. Though I suppose whatever way they do it would be unbelievable, however this way was less dramatic and gave a feeling of ‘oh, that was easy’.

It still seems like the series is reminding everyone of how the original series went, though to be fair that was 9 years ago and if I hadn’t recently read the manga again I would’ve forgot as well. That said my memory is poor and I still don’t remember everything, so it’s nice to be reminded, I’m sure it’s welcome for Rozen Maiden fans and for newcomers or those that just watch the anime.

And speaking of newcomers I can see that they tried to make it so that it’s welcoming with the summary first episode and some details of what the original story was along the way like that flashback. But I’ll be honest, without knowing the story a bit better I don’t think newcomers will enjoy it as much or know how things link up. I don’t think this series is for newcomers. If you are one I’d suggest watching the original anime or reading the manga, either should be enough to grasp what’s going on. A quick explanation like that by phone from the younger Jun is unsatisfying even for someone who knows everything so I personally recommend the manga as that’s the canon story. The anime has differences, though what differences? That I can’t remember. I do remember barasuisho being anime only though. Of course that’s if you like what you’re seeing at the moment and wanna know more.